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Approximately four years ago Alex Gonzalez and Raul Martinez founded a new advertising agency and titled it
"a | R Media".

Gonzalez, the "a" in a | R media, had previously worked as Creative Director at L'Uomo Vogue, as well as a former Art Director of GQ, Mirabella, German and Männer Vogue. Martinez, the "R" in the equation, had his legacy of 6 years as Art Director at American Vogue as well as his stints at Rolling Stone, House & Garden and his collaborations with Steven Meisel on editorials for Italian Vogue.
What a | R media immediately brought to the table was a cool, hard clarity on the eternal challenge in fashion: Namely how to make a brand memorable.
In many ways it would seem like this is the essential challenge of all advertising, and as such, any agency should be necessarily tuned to this conundrum. 
But fashion is a notoriously strange beast and it speaks in nuances that shift and warp, on whim and fancy, from season to season. Those nuances are usually too subtle for massive advertising agencies to even begin to articulate.
Getting a fashion property to look right is hell, because while nobody can really tell what looks right until they see it, fashion's cognoscenti will be very happy to tell you when it looks wrong.
It is a business where getting it wrong, for too long can spell commercial death and where being right too soon means commercial obscurity. The art of walking that fine line requires resourcefulness, discipline and most of all a brutal quality control. These are precisely the things that Martinez and Gonzalez excel at.
With a client list that includes Versace, Valentino, Cerruti, Dolce & Gabbana, and YSL, it is clear that their reputation is now unimpeachable. 
Click, chaperoned by a | R media's formidable Executive Vice President and Account Director, Michelle Gaillard, caught up with Martinez and Gonzalez one Friday morning at a | R's pristine Meat Packing District headquarters. And as fate would have it, it was the very morning that Raul Martinez had just been named Design/Editorial Consultant at Harper's Bazaar.