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World Animal Day
Amidst the last leg of Paris Fashion Week, a little pause from the frenzy could do us all much good, and October 4th happens to be World Animal Day – a day aimed at raising global awareness to progressing the welfare of animals. If you’ve noticed your ordinarily runway-centric Instagram feed littered with scores of pets and not models beautifying backstage, it’s no mistake. In hopes of momentarily shifting the collective focus, Models.com and My Dream for Animals, founded by model agent George Speros at the Society Management, asked industry influencers to give voice to causes they cared about by posting a statement with a picture of their critter companions. See which animal lovers participated in #theinfluencerscampaign to help make an impact.

edward enninful
anita bitton
charlotte stockdale
richard bush/sarah richardson
jennifer starr
panos yiapanis
michelle lee
angus munro
marie chaix
ashley brokaw
james scully
carlyne cerf de dudzeele
elin svahn
jess hallett
emma summerton

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Me and my baby Ru on #worldanimalday…would love to bring attention today to the dogs and cats in shelters..please adopt instead of purchasing dogs bred at puppy mills
@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign

Me Hunter and Ozzy on #worldanimalday..today we would love to highlight barcshelter.org for the amazing work they are doing

@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign

Beanie on #worldanimalday…today would love to encourage people to adopt from shelters #adoptdontshop

@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign


Our boy Blake on #worldanimalday..we would like to see the absolute ban of the Yulin dog festival and tough regulation introduced throughout China and other parts of Asia to stop the mistreatment of dogs and cats used as livestock. Cruelty to a creature that cannot defend itself is one of the ultimate evils

@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign #stopyulin2015


Indie Starr on #worldanimalday PLEASE ADOPT and don’t buy your pets as 2.7 Million dogs and cats in shelters will be euthanized THIS year due to overcrowding.#adopt
#forevrhome #biglove
@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign


me and Beast on #worldanimalday..would love to bring attention today to the dog & cat meat trade in Southeast Asia
Duo Duo Facebook

@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign


me💞and my loves Weezie & Reerun Lee…old dogs need 💗 too www.ofsds.org
@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign


This is me and my son Roger Munro on #worldanimalday .. The finest mammal I know … We want to bring to attention the terrible abuse in China of dogs particularly .. But of all animals … The Chinese nation are a wonderful, inspirational and advanced people but animal rights in their country are sadly medieval .. Let’s change that now

@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign


Gismo, my 5 year old pomeranian, on #worldanimalday…i believe in helping animal charities protect pets, wildlife and endangered species
@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign


my son Jack and dog Lola on #worldanimalday…i’d like to highlight all the animal rehabilitation centers. Both Jack and my other son Ripley help out at the local animal rehabilitation center and muck the horse stalls and bottle feed baby raccoons. i think this experience is so invaluable for my children to learn about life and how broken things can be fixed with time and patience
@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign


me and stella on #worldanimalday would love to bring attention today to the dolphins and orcas who are held captive at sea world. they do not belong in fish tanks and should live freely in the ocean #boycottseaworld

@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign


Cocoa and Zero hanging out on #worldanimalday…would love to highlight hsi.org for all the work they are doing to help animals throughout the world
@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign


Twister on #worldanimalday
I would like to bring attention to the loss of natural habitat for orangutans in Borneo

@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign


Me and my lovely boys Franklin and Winston on #worldanimalday would love to bring attention to the Animal Care Centers of NYC https://www.nycacc.org/Adopt.htm where these guys were adopted from at 7 months old. They are brothers so it was great to be able to keep these guys together. Supporting centres like these we can make a change closer to home and be rewarded in our everyday with the love and joy animal children bring us

@mydreamforanimals #theinfluencerscampaign #animalcarecentresofnyc

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