Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix | November 2nd, 2023

The Eye of Vogue: Rosie Vogel on What Informs Her Casting

The Brits have carved a niche for themselves as the leading city to find new talent, whether in modeling or the creative space, and Rosie Vogel has embraced that spirit as one of the most influential casting directors based out of London. After cutting her teeth working with designer Julien Macdonald, she was on the internship beat until she landed the ultimate placement at British Vogue in the fashion closet and then started helping the then bookings director alphabetize models’ show cards. That led to an assistant position and working her way up the ranks to her current position for over a decade. With an eye for identifying and nurturing talent, Vogel’s impeccable taste and unmatched intuition have led her to discover the industry’s most iconic faces like Agyness Deyn. As the current Global Director of Talent & Casting at Vogue, her decisions have been pivotal in shaping the visual narrative of the global editions, turning the pages into a testament of her expertise.

Over the years, Rosie’s choices in casting have not just been about picking faces; they’ve been about setting trends, challenging norms, and redefining standards, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion. Her legacy in casting is a tapestry of fresh faces and established names, woven together in a way that keeps audiences engaged, intrigued, and inspired. Working across the world to choose the fateful Vogue covers of Italy, America, France, Germany, Spain, China, Taiwan, Japan, India, and yes, Britain, for photographers like Rafael Pavarotti, Inez and Vinoodh, Oliver Hadlee Pearch and Carlijn Jacobs, Vogel has set herself up as a renowned game-changer in the fashion industry. By consistently pushing boundaries and championing diversity, she has played an instrumental role in making the fashion industry more inclusive and reflective of the world we live in. spoke to Vogel in the historic The Mark Hotel to understand how she got her start, her fearless approach to casting, and why the word iconic in modeling has stretched more than its worth.

Editor in Chief and Cover Photo: Stephan Moskovic
Managing Editor and Interviewer: Irene Ojo-Felix
Director and Editor: Ben Wulff
2nd Camera: Stevie Miller
Makeup Artist: Jessica Paillant
Location: The Mark Hotel
Special thanks to The Mark Hotel and Christopher Michael at Egos & Icons

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