Posted by Stephan Moskovic | March 24th, 2015

Photography duo Sean and Seng’s second passion besides fashion is casting local talent, so we were more than intrigued when they reached out to share a first look at their personal travel journal. The first limited print edition, focused on India, is a 24 page large format broadsheet newspaper that will be available at and selected book stores worldwide from Monday 30th March. With an annual update planned – each time in a new location – it’s a journey we are eagerly anticipating.

“A goat herder high in the mountains, a soldier on border patrol, a midnight storm over ancient streets, sub zero temperatures and silence in the wilderness, a pilgrimage along the side of a highway….India was a blur of colour, nature, smiling passerbys and car journeys that stretched long into the night.
A series of impressions seen on these pages, it’s our personal experience of a country, seen through our eyes, absorbing everything and documenting some of it too. The sights, sounds and smells – sometimes of pure mountain air, sometimes of the kerosene fueling the city streets – are here. The energy and diversity of a place that continues to enthrall all who visit, a vast place that stretches out into the middle distance, a place that can change from town to town, often in the blink of an eye. Alpine forests that could be Switzerland give way to the bustling streets of Varanasi, and boys wrestling in mud, followed by the bleak masculine city of Kargil.
The memories that last come with an almost cinematic quality. Arriving on the Ganges late at night, carrying our bags to lodging, just as a storm broke. The crack of lightening was our saviour, illuminating our path, as well as the holy men who sat in doorways along the way. Arriving wet-through to take in the flow of the famous river was a moment to make you feel alive. Or flash forward to pitching a tent on a mountain lake, where the air was thin, and waking up to nothing for miles around. Wrapped in sleeping bags to ward off the cold, we had only a donkey and a blanket of stars for company. Big city living seemed very far away.
Originally intended as downtime from image making, a recharge, India proved too irresistible not to document – it was a trip where nothing was too planned, and happenstance made magic, inspiration was reborn. Away from the cliches of saris and elephants, this is a record of what we found. A country that has a life force to knock you down, where modernity and tradition meld as one, where practicality and a cinematic flair come together in the street style, observed in everyone from pilgrims to street kids and nomads. This is a set of snapshots, mementos to share. A place where something extraordinary is never further than round a dusty corner, beyond a shadowy street or in the crowded market place, it’s everything we found in India, 2014.”

Sean and Seng (Management + Artists)

All photos courtesy of Sean and Seng for

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3 Comments to “India Journal”

  1. Gourab De says:

    Nice Work. Creative.

  2. Anna says:

    So, first Bhumika Arora and now this.

    I’m feeling good. πŸ˜€ xD

  3. Stephan Andrews says:

    What a beautiful project, can’t wait to get a copy.
    Look forward to seeing where Sean and Seng go next year.