Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix | November 16th, 2023

How Singer Yseult Stepped into Her Fashion Spotlight

With a voice that stops you in your tracks, singer, songwriter, and model Yseult has risen as a rare trailblazing figure in both the music and fashion industries, determined to change both. Shortening Yseult Onguenet for her mononymous stage name, the French talent encouraged by her Cameroonian parents, rose to prominence after securing a runner-up spot in the tenth season of the French reality TV series Nouvelle Star and then boldly went independent. Since that beginning, her artistic journey has been marked by her hauntingly soulful music and striking presence on the runways of fashion’s most prominent players. Notably, her foray into modeling has led to a global ambassador contract with beauty powerhouse L’Oréal Paris, bringing her to the international masses. She has walked for Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and Marine Serre, breaking barriers while showcasing her versatility beyond the music scene. Sarah Burton’s McQueen has been a continual support, with not one but two campaigns, with the latest edition recently lensed by David Sims. Yseult’s influence extends to her independently pushed music videos for her new singles, Perdue and I Love You, her latest music since coming off the success of her EPs, Noir, and BRUT. “Perdue is like a poem and it’s very important for me to make references when it comes to black love,” she explains what matters the most to her artistry. These videos underscore her deep connection with her artistry, meshing emotional storytelling with visually arresting imagery. It’s no wonder the fashion set has taken notice. We spoke with the star in Paris’ Artistic Palace Studios to discuss her new music, sharing a moment with Paloma Elsesser as the first curve models to walk for Balenciaga, and what it means to completely love yourself.

Editor in Chief: Stephan Moskovic
Managing Editor and Interviewer: Irene Ojo-Felix
Director and Cover Photo: Mauricio Sierra
Production: ArkHaus
Post Production: Caffeine Post
Associate Editor: Ben Wulff
Makeup Artist: Yacine Diallo
Pianist: Valentin Filatre / Vulax
Location: Artistic Palace
Featured Songs: Perdue & I Love You | Director: Fred Gervais
Rien à prouver | Director: Jean Charles Charavin [Courtesy of Yseult]
Special thanks to Elite Paris and Christopher Michael at Egos & Icons

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