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Nocturnal Emissions
Hallucinations: Four Novellas By Rohan Quine
Demon/Angel Books

The appearance of Hallucinations by novelist Rohan Quine is in many ways a complete anomaly on the New York literary scene, a kind of outsider fiction in the midst of a sub-culture that prizes itself on its aggrandized state of otherness.

Navigate your way through the wood paneled hothouse of mainstream New York publishing parties where six figure fees for enfant terribles are de riguer, then take the necessary detour through the Bomb/Village Voice sponsored cul de sac, labeled "Downtown Fiction".  Pick your way through the fresh leavings of Gary Indiana and Lynn Tillman and bemoan the glory days of Kathy Acker and David Unpronounceable.  Mention the name Rohan Quine though and these eminently informed ladies and gentlemen of letters will serve you the blank stare utter anonymity inspire. Quine won't be in that predicament for long .

Click here to buy this book

Click here to buy this book