7th Man Takes Us Through the Seasons

British menswear magazine 7TH Man Magazine helps mark the changing of the seasons with a new issue fronted by four covers featuring classic favorites Sam Webb and Harry Goodwins alongside new stars Presley Gerber and Jordan Barrett. Gerber is the embodiment of American youth in his cover story by John-Paul Pietrus and Dean Hau, while Webb offers a take on Jack Nicholson in The Deer Hunter in a feature by Lawrence Spark. Elsewhere, Ben Parks and John Pashlidis find their way through an arid desert construction site and Arnaldo Anaya Lucca brings out the edge in Goodwins’s classic good looks. Bridging the seasons, Pietrus and Hau offer a look back at summer languor in a feature shot amongst a pond of lily pads, while Amar Daved and Christopher Preston offer layers and military wear for the cold months ahead.

Take an exclusive first look at the new issue, out now, below.

Presley Gerber | Photography – John-Paul Pietrus (Red+) | Styling – Dean Hau

Sam Webb | Photography – Lawrence Spark | Styling – Dean Hau

Harry Goodwins | Photography – Arnaldo Anaya Lucca | Styling – Dean Hau

Jordan Barrett | Photography – John-Paul Pietrus (Red+) | Styling – Dean Hau

Jean-Luc Harderwijk at Supa Model Management (London) | Photography – Wendy Bevan | Styling – Dean Hau

Hannes Eisenmann at Next London (London) | Photography – Wendy Bevan | Styling – Dean Hau

Presley Gerber | Photography – John-Paul Pietrus (Red+) | Styling – Dean Hau

Presley Gerber | Photography – John-Paul Pietrus (Red+) | Styling – Dean Hau

Left: Dimeji at AMCK Models (London) | Right: Jack Buchanan | Photography – Ben Parks | Styling – John Pashalidis

Jordan Barrett | Photography – John-Paul Pietrus (Red+) | Styling – Dean Hau

Photography – Stefan Schwartzman | Styling – KK Obi

Ingmar van der Meulen | Photography – John-Paul Pietrus (Red+) | Styling – Dean Hau

Louis Marzin at Wilhelmina London (London) | Photography – Trinity Ellis | Styling – Mischa Notcutt

Henry Stockdale and Miles Felix at Tomorrow Is Another Day (Cologne) | Photography – Dean Hau | Styling – KK Obi

First Looks: Suited

Suited Magazine continues its streak of black and white storytelling in its fourth issue: a collective narrative on contemporary issues and the political climate which tempers them. Artist Izumi Kato, social activist Joe Corré, and creative director at Brother Vellies Aurora James, among others, lend their ethos for timely conversations in print. Photographed by Bridget Fleming and styled by Savannah White, model Marland Backus is profiled on her latest endeavor in jewelry design; Yusuke Takahashi, chief designer of menswear at Issey Miyake, talks how he conceives the heritage brand’s clothing aesthetic with the featured photography of Evan Browning and Alison Mazur’s style cues. The printed matter also intuits that beauty lies within cracked molds in a casting story by Cyrill Matter.  Take an exclusive look inside the latest issue of Suited.

Text by Derrick Gaitér


Jon Gray, Lester Walker, Malcolm Livingston II by Paul Jung | Stylist Jessica Willis | Hair Lizzie Arneson (BRIDGE Artists)


Marland Backus by Bridget Fleming | Stylist Savannah White

Jean Lemersre by Priscillia Saada | Stylist Danielle van Camp


Miriam Haney by Olivia Malone (Brydges MacKinney) | Stylist Annina Mislin

Marine Deleeuw by Zoltan Tombor (See Management) | Stylist Jessica Willis

Kristian Smid, Somalia Knight, Sam Knoll, Veronika Ruskakova, Marta Dow, Riley Cole, Omar Ahmed by Cyrill Matter | Stylist Zu SB


Turner Barbur, Lucas Ucedo, Jacopo Olmo, Hans Singer, Josh Edwards, Archie Henderson, Caleb Thomas, Dusty by Evan Browning | Stylist Alison Mazur

Sarah Allick, Max Barczak by Manolo Campion | Stylist Raul Guerrero


Brother-and-Sister Issues from HERO and HEROINE

Brother and sister magazines HERO and HEROINE join forces for their latest issues, celebrating Boys and Girls Next Door, with pop star Shawn Mendes taking the cover of the men’s side in a documentary feature on his summer tour and Ari Marcopoulos capturing three real-life girls next door for the women’s. In HERO, Haider Ackermann discusses his inspirations, Daniel King takes on street casting in Albania, and Jamie Morgan celebrates London’s youngest designers. For HEROINE, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne talk about reinventing DKNY, Cedric Buchet and Emma Summerton offer up their takes on the girl next door, and Suzi Leenaars brings an Eighties edge to a feature by Fabien Kruszelnicki. Tying the two issues together is a two-part feature reinventing Romeo and Juliet from Paolo Zerbini and a celebration of Los Angeles’s high-school athletes by Danielle Levitt spread between the two magazines.

Take an exclusive first look at the new issues, both out now, below.

Shawn Mendes | Photography – Fabien Kruszelnicki (Katy Barker)

Shawn Mendes | Photography – Fabien Kruszelnicki (Katy Barker)

Avery Blanchard and Sam Clay | Photography – Paolo Zerbini (Paris: Atomo Management, Milan: Atomo Management) | Styling – Courtney Kryston

Avery Blanchard and Sam Clay | Photography – Paolo Zerbini (Paris: Atomo Management, Milan: Atomo Management) | Styling – Courtney Kryston

Diego Villarreal | Photography – Sebastian Mader (Camilla Lowther Management) | Styling – Vanessa Chow (Tim Howard Management)

Harry Smith | Photography – Yaniv Edry | Styling – Katelyn Gray

Matthew Sosnowski at Fusion Models (New York) | Photography – Sam Nixon | Styling – Alison Isbell

Otto Arlien Søborg | Photography – Yoshiyuki Matsumura | Styling – Gro Curtis

Photography – Jamie Morgan (Serlin Associates) | Styling – Harry Lambert (Bryant Artists)

Photography – Ari Marcopoulos

Photography – Ari Marcopoulos

Photography – Ari Marcopoulos

Suzi Leenaars | Photography – Fabien Kruszelnicki (Katy Barker) | Styling – Steve Morriss

Harleth Kuusik | Photography – Daniel King (Home Agency) | Styling – Catherine Newell-Hanson (Home Agency)

Photography – Laura Coulson (Visual Artist UK ) | Styling – Victoria Sekrier (Lalaland Artists)

Mae Rose Milburn at Premier Model Management (London) | Photography – Daisy Walker | Styling – Steve Morriss

Marland Backus | Photography – Anna Victoria Best | Styling – Gary David Moore

Alice First | Photography – Cedric Buchet | Styling – Gro Curtis

Annie Tice and Clara McNair at Supreme Management (New York) | Photography – Emma Summerton (Camilla Lowther Management) | Styling – Gro Curtis

Maggie Maurer | Photography – Nicolas Kern | Styling – Karen Kaiser (New York: Streeters New York, London: Streeters London)

First Look: SEDITION

Not all first issues are created equal. This one is extra good. Sedition’s first of its kind is titled ‘A Riot in Paradise’ and is just that: Some visual bliss and some hard-edged bite. Assembled (and often shot) by its creatives-cum-editors Lana Jay Lackey and Tyler Kohlhoff, it’s much a passion project gone full-on. Inside, talk of subversion brings out contributors like Jeff Bark, Devin Doyle, Lorenz Schmidl and Barrett Sweger to do the best baddest fashion. Launching officially tomorrow, but hardly for the masses. Preview inside Sedition, issue one, below:

SYD by Tyler Kohlhoff | Stylist Lana Jay Lackey (Bryant Artists)

Warren and Masha Tsarykevich by Tyler Kohlhoff | Stylist Lana Jay Lackey (Bryant Artists)

Willy Morsch by Lorenz Schmidl | Stylist Lana Jay Lackey (Bryant Artists)

Matthew Logos and August Gonet
by Tyler Kohlhoff | Stylist Lana Jay Lackey (Bryant Artists)

Cameron Kelley and August Gonet by Tyler Kohlhoff | Stylist Lana Jay Lackey (Bryant Artists)

Sarah Abney by Jeff Bark (Management + Artists) | Stylist Lana Jay Lackey (Bryant Artists)

Lily and Carly by Tyler Kohlhoff | Stylist Lana Jay Lackey (Bryant Artists)

Lily and Nick Hadad by Tyler Kohlhoff | Stylist Lana Jay Lackey (Bryant Artists)


Luca Bertea by Barrett Sweger | Stylist Lana Jay Lackey (Bryant Artists)

Vogue Portugal Shifts Into Gear

This November, Vogue Portugal rings in 14 years of producing fashion content for its home country. A visual moment too hot to handle, photographer An Le targets model Luz Pavon in steamy style selections by Paulo Macedo including Givenchy, Prada, and Fausto Puglisi. Hairstylist Nabil Harlow sees no limits to the model’s beauty, teasing out Luz’s voluminous, mahogany-colored locks to frame the popular 80s punk-chic beauty trend by makeup artist Mayia Alleaume. Preview the editorial with Luz below.

Text by Derrick Gaitér

Photographer – An Le
Stylist – Paulo Macedo
Hair – Nabil Harlow (De Facto) | Makeup – Mayia Alleaume (The Wall Group)
Casting – Victoria Pavon | Model – Luz Pavon