Vogue Italia’s Latest Issue Celebrates Timeless Women

Age ain’t nothing but a number and for the October issue of Vogue Italia beauty is eternal. The triple cover “Timeless Issue” shot by Steven Klein and styled by Patti Wilson stars the enduring Lauren Hutton holding her own amongst the best of them in Valentino and more inside. The Italian mag celebrates these carefree sages with editorials from Luigi & Iango, Ethan James Green, Nacho Alegre, Annemarieke Van Drimmelen and more for an issue of the ages. Pun intended.

Photographer – Steven Klein | Stylist – Patti Wilson | Hair – Ward Stegerhoek | Makeup – Kabuki | Manicurist – Yuko Tsuchihashi | Set designer – Stefan Beckman

Mario Testino shares with MDC the models from his Copenhagen go-see that caught his eye

Mario Testino‘s lens is far-reaching as it is prolific. When Mario visits different cities he is meeting with the most promising models and photographing them for his archive–one so large he had to create his own online platform Mira Mira. A career like his decades long tenure as one of the world’s top photographers doesn’t come without having an eye for spotting a great face when you see one. So when Mario decides to release your go-see image for the world to see, well it’s worth its weight in gold. Exclusively on models.com see images from Mario’s Copenhagen visit, and expect more to come as Mario shares his favorites with us.

See full gallery on Mario Testino’s creative content platform “Mira Mira

Tea Melin

Isak Rindom

Klara Kristin

Louis Parker

Alexander Stoltz

Schön Mag Forgoes City Life

Manhattan might be the borough of business but real insiders know Brooklyn is where it’s at. Schön Magazine ushers in Brooklyn’s finest with issue 33 featuring Taja Feistner on the cover. Shot by Alexander Saladrigas, the platinum beauty brings high fashion to the isolated locale of Silver Sands Motel with selected pieces from Fendi, Céline, Simone Rocha, and Gucci – the perfect shield from the mundane. Joined with editorial offerings from Marie Schuller, Cesar Love Alexandre, and Jake Jones, Schön’s newfound visuals deliver elegance with a dash of attitude.

See the latest of Schön Magazine below.

Photographer –Alexander Saladrigas | Stylist – Noah Diaz | Hair – Shinya Nakagawa | Makeup – Kento Utsubo | Model – Taja Feistner

Photographer – Jake Jones | Stylist – Jenny Haapala | Hair – Kabuto Okuzawa| Makeup – Kento Utsubo| Model – Selena Johnson

Photographer – Cesar Love Alexandre | Stylist – Newheart Ohanian | Hair – Akihiro Yamaguchi | Makeup – Ayaka Nihei | Models – Laura Hanson Sims and Emma Waldo

Photographer – Marie Schuller | Stylist – Kristofj von Strass | Hair – Sofia Sjoo | Makeup – Claudine Blythman | Models – Chen Xue and Pong Lee

Beauty Papers’ Book of Etiquette

Photographer – Sølve Sundsbø

As a new season is rolls in, makeup artist and editor-in-chief Maxine Leonard reveals the 4th issue of Beauty Papers that sets to thumb the nose at perfect etiquette. The magazine that aims to “explore the ideas that shape how we understand beauty today” features editorial offerings from Sølve Sundsbø, Val Garland, Julia Hetta, Rudi Lewis, Jake Chapman, Elliott Erwitt, and many more adept creatives. That top tier talent lends their expertise behind and in front of the camera for a stellar look into the ever expanding world of beauty.

See an exclusive peek at the issue below and be sure to pick up your copy on newsstands today!

Photographer – Elliott Erwitt | Creative Direction and Makeup up – Maxine Leonard | Hair – Rutger Van

Photographer – Julia Hetta

Photographer – Elliott Erwitt | Creative Direction and Makeup up – Maxine Leonard | Hair – Rutger Van | Featured models – Jamie Bochert, Dick Page, James Gibbs, and Ralphie Boy

Photographer –Greta Ilieva | Beauty – Donka Meteva

Photographer – Sølve Sundsbø | Makeup – Val Garland | Hair – Ken O’Rourke | Nails – Trish Lomax | Model – Tessa Kuragi

Behind the Blinds

Fall gets dark and moody in the new edition of Behind the Blinds, which dives into the new season with five powerful covers that bring to life the issue’s theme of “Shadow Play.” The oscillating balance between darkness and light courses through the magazine, with stories to delve into—as the title of David Alexander Flinn’s special editorial on Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello has it—the “heart of darkness.” Ismaël Moumin and Michaël Marson study motel-room anomie in their story, while Pierre Debusschere and Pierre Daras reinterpret Comme des Garçons in their artistic collaboration. Rogier Bosschaart’s renaissance continues in a sculptural feature by Nagib Chtaïb and Marson, and Sofie Middernacht and Maarten Alexander go deep into the night in an editorial with styling by Benoît Béthume, offering plenty of reasons to look forward to the long hours of darkness ahead.

Take an exclusive first look at the new issue below.

Moise at REBEL MANAGEMENT (Antwerp) | Photographer – Pierre Debusschere | Stylist – Pierre Daras

Amandine Renard | Photographer – Sofie Middernacht & Maarten Alexander | Stylist – Benoit Bethume

Maggie Maurer | Photographer – Jan Lehner | Stylist – Tereza Ortiz

Rogier Bosschaart | Photographer – Nagib Chtaïb | Stylist – Michael Marson

Eli Epperson | Photographer – David Alexander Flinn

Rogier Bosschaart | Photographer – Nagib Chtaïb | Stylist – Michael Marson

Garance Marillier | Photographer – Nagib Chtaïb | Stylist – Michael Marson

Lukas Gomann at Scoop Models (Copenhagen) and Rasmus Holm | Photographer – Marco van Rijt | Stylist – Koen T. Hendriks

Amandine Renard | Photographer – Sofie Middernacht & Maarten Alexander | Stylist – Benoit Bethume

Lucas Moneron at Karin Models (Paris) and Dusan Latinski | Photographer – Eber Figueira
 | Stylist – Thomas Davis

Lucas Berny and Jeff Hinton at Premium Models (Paris) | Photographer – Alexandre Haefeli | Stylist – Michael Marson

Laurens Pouchele and Felix Prabitz | Photographer – Pierre Debusschere | Stylist – Pierre Daras

Dior Homme | Illustrator – Dylan Qin

Louis Bauvir | Photographer – Zeb Daemen | Stylist – Gabriella Norberg

Eli Epperson | Photographer – David Alexander Flinn

Heloise Giraud and Etienne Martinet | Photographer – Francesco Brigida | Stylist – Rogelio F. Burgos

Louis Vuitton | Photographer – Dan Boulton

Maggie Maurer and Alistair Waterfield | Photographer – Jan Lehner | Stylist – Tereza Ortiz

Ton Heukels | Photographer – Sara Bille | Stylist – Oscar Lange

Rodrigue Durard | Photographer – Maxime Vigato | Stylist – Pauline Collet

Luka van der Veken, Eline Bocxtaele, and Ilona at IMM Bruxelles (Brussels) | Photographer – Ismaël Moumin
 | Stylist – Michael Marson

Karlis Leiboms, Yana Dobrolyubova, and Julia Reiss | Photographer – Aline & Jacqueline Tappia | Stylist – Alba Melendo