Rianne Van Rompaey Indulges in Self Care for Love Magazine

Photographer – Harley Weir | Fashion editor – Katie Grand | Hair – Syd Hayes | Makeup – Lauren Parsons | Nails – Chisato Yamamoto | Model – Rianne van Rompaey

We all need a little spa maintenance and Love Magazine taps into the self-care trend with muted Harley Weir visuals of model ace Rianne van Rompaey. There’s an element of preservation of it all, as Katie Grand selected looks from Marni, Givenchy, and Alexander McQueen go up against food prep polyurethane aprons, knickers, and Off-White PVC stilettos blessed by Jimmy Choo. Whether it’s a dip in cooling baths, a mud mask to tighten, acupuncture or cupping therapy, Love shows you can still dress up to unwind.

See a preview of the editorial below.

Sunday is a dreamy ode to beautiful bodies

Some things speak for themselves, such is the case for Catherine Servel‘s visually honest “Sunday”. The edition, photographed by Servel, with various editorials styled by Julie Ragolia, Rachael Wang, Michela Buratti and Kim Yeyoung is easy like, well, Sunday morning. Inside it’s a dreamy ode to beautiful bodies of a sorts with thoughtful, soft-hued images and a nice edit. Preview the lovely images below:

Atsuko and Linda | Stylist Rachael Wang | Hair Tetsuya Yamakata | Makeup Maki H | Dawn Sterling | Casting Erin Simon

Dilone | Stylist Julie Ragolia | Hair Tetsuya Yamakata | Makeup Seong Hee Park

Georgia Pratt and Krysten Sinclair | Stylist Kim Yeyoung | Hair Tetsuya Yamakata | Makeup Seong Hee Park

Stylist Rachael Wang | Hair Tetsuya Yamakata | Makeup Seong Hee Park | Manicure Noriko | Casting Erin Simon

Stylist Michela Buratti | Manicure Julie Kandalec | Casting Erin Simon

Raf’s American dream is a barn filled with his Calvin Klein muses

Raf SimonsCalvin Klein released their Spring 2018 campaign, photographed, naturally, by Willy Vanderperre, boasting a cast of 20 models–needed to fill out the Belgian designer’s colorful take on a barn party. Some of the most upfront of faces are Alyssa Traoré, Sara Grace Wallerstedt, Fernando Albaladejo, Kalib Besher, Mica Argañaraz and Blesnya Minher. It continues, somewhat, the vision of an American Horror story that has set the tone for this collection, which also includes prints from Andy Warhol. “American horror is juxtaposed with the mythic American dream,” reads the text included under the campaign on their site. It goes on to quote Raf himself, “They are both a part of life. This collection is a celebration of that: a celebration of American life.”

Here’s the full list of models, casted by Ashley Brokaw:

Alec Pollentier, Alyssa Traoré, Ariel NicholsonBen Allen, Blesnya Minher, Dylan Christensen, Ernesto Cervantes, Fernando Albaladejo, Jabali Sandiford, Jared Manhardt, Jonas Glöer, Kalib Besher, Kiki Willems, Leila Goldkuhl, Lexi Boling, Lulu , Mica Argañaraz, Sara Grace Wallerstedt, Wangy , Trystin Valentino

The New Reigning Queen of Alexander McQueen

Designer – Sarah Burton | Photographer – Jamie Hawkesworth| Art Direction – Mathias Augustyniak & Michael Amzalag | Makeup – Dick Page | Model – Shanelle Nyasiase

Ornate comes to mind when describing the new Alexander McQueen collection yet it should be expected from the house that Sarah Burton built upon. Jamie Hawkesworth gives life to these campaign visuals as Kenyan up comer Shanelle Nyasiase poses amongst lush flora in vividly, structured looks. They’re looks that seem to bloom as the flowers do – proudly, with twisting rosettes of silk and taffeta sprouting from seams in blooming hues of peony, rose, and poppy.

Vogue Italia Makes Delicate Beauty Great Again

Photographer – Karim Sadli | Stylist – Francesca Burns | Hair – Damien Boissinot | Make-Up – Lucia Pica | Models – Sara Grace Wallerstedt & Leonard Mushiete

Ironic title notwithstanding, Sara Grace Wallerstedt is downright angelic in this Vogue Italia beauty feature shot by Karim Sadli. The ethereal Hot List stunner is both glam and natural, graphically bold and softly pure in Chanel Beauty as she joins Leonard Mushiete in images crafted by master face painter Lucia Pica. Whether it’s a soft orange-red lip or gilded lids outlined in white, the freckled beauty carries each look with grace. And can you be surprised? It’s in her name.

Take a peek at some of the looks below in the January issue.