Beauty Papers’ Book of Etiquette

Photographer – Sølve Sundsbø

As a new season is rolls in, makeup artist and editor-in-chief Maxine Leonard reveals the 4th issue of Beauty Papers that sets to thumb the nose at perfect etiquette. The magazine that aims to “explore the ideas that shape how we understand beauty today” features editorial offerings from Sølve Sundsbø, Val Garland, Julia Hetta, Rudi Lewis, Jake Chapman, Elliott Erwitt, and many more adept creatives. That top tier talent lends their expertise behind and in front of the camera for a stellar look into the ever expanding world of beauty.

See an exclusive peek at the issue below and be sure to pick up your copy on newsstands today!

Photographer – Elliott Erwitt | Creative Direction and Makeup up – Maxine Leonard | Hair – Rutger Van

Photographer – Julia Hetta

Photographer – Elliott Erwitt | Creative Direction and Makeup up – Maxine Leonard | Hair – Rutger Van | Featured models – Jamie Bochert, Dick Page, James Gibbs, and Ralphie Boy

Photographer –Greta Ilieva | Beauty – Donka Meteva

Photographer – Sølve Sundsbø | Makeup – Val Garland | Hair – Ken O’Rourke | Nails – Trish Lomax | Model – Tessa Kuragi

Behind the Blinds

Fall gets dark and moody in the new edition of Behind the Blinds, which dives into the new season with five powerful covers that bring to life the issue’s theme of “Shadow Play.” The oscillating balance between darkness and light courses through the magazine, with stories to delve into—as the title of David Alexander Flinn’s special editorial on Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello has it—the “heart of darkness.” Ismaël Moumin and Michaël Marson study motel-room anomie in their story, while Pierre Debusschere and Pierre Daras reinterpret Comme des Garçons in their artistic collaboration. Rogier Bosschaart’s renaissance continues in a sculptural feature by Nagib Chtaïb and Marson, and Sofie Middernacht and Maarten Alexander go deep into the night in an editorial with styling by Benoît Béthume, offering plenty of reasons to look forward to the long hours of darkness ahead.

Take an exclusive first look at the new issue below.

Moise at REBEL MANAGEMENT (Antwerp) | Photographer – Pierre Debusschere | Stylist – Pierre Daras

Amandine Renard | Photographer – Sofie Middernacht & Maarten Alexander | Stylist – Benoit Bethume

Maggie Maurer | Photographer – Jan Lehner | Stylist – Tereza Ortiz

Rogier Bosschaart | Photographer – Nagib Chtaïb | Stylist – Michael Marson

Eli Epperson | Photographer – David Alexander Flinn

Rogier Bosschaart | Photographer – Nagib Chtaïb | Stylist – Michael Marson

Garance Marillier | Photographer – Nagib Chtaïb | Stylist – Michael Marson

Lukas Gomann at Scoop Models (Copenhagen) and Rasmus Holm | Photographer – Marco van Rijt | Stylist – Koen T. Hendriks

Amandine Renard | Photographer – Sofie Middernacht & Maarten Alexander | Stylist – Benoit Bethume

Lucas Moneron at Karin Models (Paris) and Dusan Latinski | Photographer – Eber Figueira
 | Stylist – Thomas Davis

Lucas Berny and Jeff Hinton at Premium Models (Paris) | Photographer – Alexandre Haefeli | Stylist – Michael Marson

Laurens Pouchele and Felix Prabitz | Photographer – Pierre Debusschere | Stylist – Pierre Daras

Dior Homme | Illustrator – Dylan Qin

Louis Bauvir | Photographer – Zeb Daemen | Stylist – Gabriella Norberg

Eli Epperson | Photographer – David Alexander Flinn

Heloise Giraud and Etienne Martinet | Photographer – Francesco Brigida | Stylist – Rogelio F. Burgos

Louis Vuitton | Photographer – Dan Boulton

Maggie Maurer and Alistair Waterfield | Photographer – Jan Lehner | Stylist – Tereza Ortiz

Ton Heukels | Photographer – Sara Bille | Stylist – Oscar Lange

Rodrigue Durard | Photographer – Maxime Vigato | Stylist – Pauline Collet

Luka van der Veken, Eline Bocxtaele, and Ilona at IMM Bruxelles (Brussels) | Photographer – Ismaël Moumin
 | Stylist – Michael Marson

Karlis Leiboms, Yana Dobrolyubova, and Julia Reiss | Photographer – Aline & Jacqueline Tappia | Stylist – Alba Melendo

Love Want Magazine Proves Age is Nothing but a Number

For their newest unveiling, Love Want Magazine goes for lucky number 13 with an Ageless issue covered by an unretouched Amanda Murphy. Bec Parsons and Jessica dos Remedios capture the flawless Top 50 star in key denim pieces that are perfect for Fall while other model subjects Fernanda Ly, Ally Ertel, and Regitze Christensen also share the timeless spotlight. Contributors include Jai Odell, Katelyn Gray, Nagi Sakai, Kim Yeyoung, Bartolomeo Celestino and Mark Vassallo who record the ephemeral concept of time whether it relates to age, the seasons, or fashion itself. Driving the concept home, Christy Bush and Heathermary Jackson capture a story that is free from the cosmetic surgery and photograph women aging gracefully in Athens, Georgia.

Take a peek below and be sure to pick up an issue today!

Photographer – Bec Parsons | Stylist – Jessica dos Remedios | Hair – Dennis Devoy | Makeup – Stoj | Nails –Natalie Pavloski

Photographer – Bartolomeo Celestino | Stylist – Mark Vassallo | Hair – Alan White

Photographer – Jai Odell | Stylist – Katelyn Gray | Hair – Hiro + Mari | Makeup – Laura Stiassni | Model – Regitze Christensen

Photographer – Nagi Sakai | Stylist – Kim Yeyoung | Hair – Jordan M | Makeup – Makky

Tush’s latest issue finds new extremes

Tush has never been afraid to buck beauty convention and their issue 41 is no different perhaps even going a step further. Dubbing the issue “Extreme”, Tush finds big visual returns pushing passed the norm to more uncommon grounds toying with ideas like zombie-fied makeup, animal masks and uber application. But not all is so out there–because good old fashioned glam can be extremely extra too. Preview here 3 of the 7 covers and inside editorials featuring models like Kris Gottschalk, Hiandra Martinez, Ola Rudnicka and more.

Kris Gottschalk by Armin Morbach | Stylist Nicole Walker

Luci Stoll by Armin Morbach | Makeup Loni Baur

Miss Fame by Mikael Schulz

By Armin Morbach | Stylist Nina Petters | Hair Mustafa Yanaz & Pablo Kumin | Makeup Loni Baur | Manicurist Ilona Hamer

Irma Spies by Armin Morbach | Stylist Nicole Walker | Hair Hester Wernert | Makeup Loni Baur | Masks and Special Effects Richard Redlefsen

Sasha Komarova by Armin Morbach | Stylist Nina Petters | Hair Mustafa Yanaz | Makeup Loni Baur | Manicurist Ilona Wriede

Casja Wesseberg by Markus Jans | Makeup Loni Baur

Hiandra Martinez, Jonathan Eap, Abroise & William, Mamadou Barry by Nico Busto | Stylist Jonathan Huguet | Hair Joseph Pujalte | Makeup Marie Duhart | Casting Brice Compagnon

Lucie Stoll by Serena Becker | Makeup Loni Baur

Ola Rudnicka by Sabrina Theissen | Stylist Kathi Kauder | Hair Anna Neugebauer | Makeup Loni Baur

Mayka Merino by Alexandra Von Fuerst | Stylist Laetitia Mannessier | Hair Sarah Jo Palmer | Makeup Megumi Matsuno

Carla Periera by Serena Becker | Makeup Loni Baur

Felix Edwards, Charlie Ayres Taylor, An Woojin, Archie Macdonald, George Koh and Tarek Elseidik by Lars Brønseth | Stylist Jeff Ihatsu | Hair Lok Lau | Makeup Emma Broom | Casting Emilie Åström

Dusan Latinski by Armin Morbach | Hair Mustafa Yanaz | Makeup Loni Baur

Nicola Formichetti Breaks ‘Free’ Magazine

Photographer & Fashion Editor – Nicola Formichetti
Hair – Michael Fernandez
Make up – Jenny Kanavaros
Models – Jules Horn, Alanie Quinones, Duckie Thot, Hannah Bennett, Isabella Melo, Malcolm Evans, Monica Tomas, Nick Hadad, Bom Chan Lee, Alex Legrand, Patryk Lawrynowic, Clara Balzary, Jess, Rafael Miller, Kevin Sun, Chima Paul, and Roman K
Production – Goran Macura

Nicola Formichetti‘s celebrates the diverse spectrum of fashion and beauty for issue 6 of Free Magazine. For the multi cover issue, the clairvoyant super-stylist, photographer and provocateur looks to the new generation of model faces for a united front against commonness and a colorful assault on the status quo. As cover stars Robin Hölzken, Duckie Thot, Zach Cox, Jules Horn, and much more show what style means to them, we spoke with Formichetti abut his visions for this new season, why the issue was centered around styles, and what true freedom means to him.

Talking about his main inspiration behind the issue this season.

I am constantly inspired by the people I get to meet and the projects I get to work on. However this idea really grasped at some nostalgia for me. Growing up in Japan, going around Harajuku and seeing all the different styles, everyone dressed in their own ways, really being true to themselves, was a really inspiring starting point. I wanted to pay homage to those unafraid characters, who really gave it their all and went for it with their personal style.

How “styles” is a fashion language that connects us all.

There are so many styles around, each of them have their unique defining traits that make them so recognizable with just one look. What I wanted to capture was something that was easy to identify. We choose to do the first ones that came to mind; the athlete, the pretty boy, the punk, the cheerleader.. and so on. We even ended up with a nice ‘Breakfast Club’ moment with the group shot.

I’ve grown up seeing all these styles, the sub-cultures that began as small outcasts and that ended up creating their own recognizable fashion language. You know a punk when you see them on the street just as easy as you know a jock. For me, it doesn’t necessarily define their personality but more so their visual language towards others.

How freedom of expression is mandatory for Free Magazine.

Freedom to me is all about confidence and not being scared. In the case of this editorial, it was showing all the different visual aesthetics you can have. It represents those who are being true to themselves and dressing up how they want, not adjusting to the normal conventions of what you should or shouldn’t wear – it takes a lot of courage and confidence. You are subjecting yourself to being judged just by your appearance, and that is not easy. It means sometimes it will take you double the effort to have people believe in you, or even take you seriously. However, staying true to one self is so important – because in the end thats is you, and you should never try to hide who you are.

Take an exclusive peek at the new Free Magazine issue below and be sure to pick up your copy on newsstands today.