Russh’s Brave New World

Though we may not share seasons with Australian-based Russh, it’s fitting that the magazine’s 72nd issue has us pining for the outdoors in the most wistful of ways just as our warmer days came to a close. “Only The Brave” as it reads on the Valery Kaufman-fronted cover photographed poolside by Elina Kechicheva, is perhaps a call to action: Whatever your fashion transition–make sure it’s bold. That air of confidence is visually written all over the pages. Previewed here and in the form of Amanda Wellsh making monochrome most eye-catching with on-trend silhouettes photographed by Alexandra Nataf and styled by Ilona Hamer or in the fringiest of fashions photographed by James Nelson and styled by Danielle van Camp worn on Chloé Nardin. See what else below.

Images courtesy of Russh Magazine

Valery Kaufman by Elina Kechicheva (Shotview Photographers Management) | Stylist Bridie Gilbert | Hair Alexandry Costa (Paris: ArtList Paris, New York: ArtList) | Makeup William Bartel (Paris: ArtList Paris, New York: ArtList) | Casting Larissa Gunn


Phoebe Tonkin by Sam Hendel | Stylist Billie Iveson | Hair Perrine Rougemont (New York: Kramer + Kramer, London: Caren Agency) | Makeup Valeria Ferreira (Caren Agency)



Valery Kaufman by Elina Kechicheva (Shotview Photographers Management) | Stylist Bridie Gilbert



Amanda Wellsh by Alexandra Nataf (BRIDGE Artists) | Stylist Ilona Hamer (BRIDGE Artists)



Chloé Nardin by James Nelson | Stylist Danielle van Camp

First Look: The Greatest Comes to Life

Working off the theme of ‘Awakening,’ menswear magazine The Greatest celebrates ten issues and opens our eyes to the season ahead in its new Fall 2016 edition. Three covers, starring Connor Newall, Lemmie van den Berg, and Tim Dibble, offer competing visions of the new season, with van den Berg appearing in a feature on eclectic layering by Thomas Goldblum and Benoit Martinengo. Scottish star Newell explores the countryside in rustic designs in a story photographed by Benjamin Vnuk (Stockholm: LUNDLUND, New York: Jed Root) and styled by Gaelle Bon (AGENCE SAINT GERMAIN), while Emanuele Fontanesi and Benoit Bethume capture Max Fieschi in colorful, graphic sportswear. Alessandro Dal Buoni and Matteo Greco offer up a Louis Vuitton special, featuring the designer’s standout sleek lines and marble prints, while Virginia Arcardo offers a backstage look at Dior Homme’s striking red-and-black Fall collection. The issue’s accompanying short film, by Pedro Podesta, finds Frenchman Felix Gesnouin walking the line between Beat poet and Nouvelle Vague heartbreaker dressed in Dries Van Noten by Ivona Yvon.

Take an exclusive first look at the issue, available now, below.

Connor Newall | Photography – Benjamin Vnuk | Styling – Gaelle Bon

Lemmie van den Berg | Photography – Thomas Goldblum | Styling – Benoit Martinengo

Tim Dibble | Photography – Laura Sciacovelli | Styling – Matteo Greco

Conner Rowson and Lemmie van den Berg | Photography – Thomas Goldblum | Styling – Benoit Martinengo

Julius Gerhardt | Photography – Till Janz | Styling – Paul Maximilian Schlosser

Tim Dibble | Photography – Laura Sciacovelli | Styling – Matteo Greco

Sacha Celaya | Photography – Anna Victoria Best | Styling – Gary David Moore

Right: Rubel Pol | Photography – Virginia Arcaro

Max Fieschi | Photography – Emanuele Fontanesi | Styling – Benoit Bethume

Roel at Tomorrow Is Another Day | Photography – Alessandro Dal Buoni | Styling – Matteo Greco

Connor Newall | Photography – Benjamin Vnuk | Styling – Gaelle Bon

Connor Newall | Photography – Benjamin Vnuk | Styling – Gaelle Bon

Connor Rawson and Oliver Schwazer | Photography – Yann Faucher | Styling – Raphael Hirsch

Raad Al Gabril and Haris K at Tomorrow is Another Day | Photography – Olga Bozalp | Styling – Jérôme André

King Kong’s Grand New Heights

From Great Britain comes triumphant King Kong Magazine with six bold covers. The printed matter, which hits newsstands on October 4th, features daring photography by Bon Duke, Alexandra Leese, David Dunan, Emmie America, Jenny Brough and more whose masterful sights bring forth the best in models Soo Joo Park, Tina Veshaguri, Irina Liss, Lina Berg, and Japanese actress Nana Komatsu, among other noteworthy talent. Fashion and beauty in this biannual goes big: fashion editor Jimi Urquiaga, hair stylist Joey George and makeup maven Morgane Martini take Soo Joo further in a 2nd editorial that crafts her into the ultimate vision of subversion donning Issey Miyake, The Blonds, Marc Jacobs, and DKNY.

Check out why the magazine is causing such a frenzy down in our preview below.

Text by Derrick Gaitér


Photographer – Bon Duke (Art + Commerce) | Stylist – Adele Cany | Model – Soo Joo Park


Photographer – Bon Duke (Art + Commerce) | Stylist – Jimi Urquiaga (De Facto) | Model – Soo Joo Park


Photographer – Alexandra Leese (Saint Luke Artist Management) | Stylist – Andrej Skok | Model – Lina Berg


Photographer – Kevin Mackintosh (Serlin Associates) | Set Designer – Daryl McGregor (Lalaland Artists)


Photographer – Motihiko Hasui | Stylist – Ayaka Endo | Model – Nana Komatsu


Photographer – Emmie America | Stylist – Oxana Markina | Model – Tina Veshaguri, Irina Liss, Polina Oganicheva, & Nina Serebriakova


Photographer – Jenny Brough | Stylist – Peghah Maleknejad | Model – Robyn Fitzsimmons, Bille Turnbull, Lewis Taylor, & Isabella Bowering


Photographer – David Dunan | Stylist – Danielle van Camp | Makeup – Lucy Bridge (Streeters London) | Model – Litay Marcus

Models in Wonderland

Wonderland calls on industry posing pros to front it’s latest issue. Music and fashion collide with the return of fashion muse Devon Aoki along with Gemma Ward, Neelam Gill, M.I.A., and Nick Jonas for a style filled trip down the rabbit hole. Take a peek at the covers below and be sure to pick up the new issue out now.


Photographer – Jeremy Scott


Photographer – Georges Antoni


Photographer – Pierre-Ange Carlotti


Photographer – Sam Bayliss-Ibram

An Ounce of Faith

Art Director Christopher Sollinger has said that nearly every major fashion publication rejected his latest creative endeavor, which illuminates nine model beauties for an authentic, straightforward, and virtuous visual moment inspired by the first female transgender fashion model of the 70s, Tracey ‘Africa’ Norman. Norman along with Geena Rocero, Tyra Banks, Cora Emmanuel, Hind Sahli, Soo Joo Park, Emanuela de Paula, Pyper America, and Hannelore Knuts are “The 9 Wonders of the World,” photographed by Stockton Johnson, for a special issue for Harper’s Bazaar India.

An impressive 44 designers are orchestrated by stylist Kisha C. Jones to include Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli, Victoria Beckham, Naeem Khan, Sonia Rykiel, and Christian Siriano — designers often associated with today’s most progressive movements. Sina Velke, Stoj, and Vincent Oquendo tease out the all-star cast’s natural glamour for a new dawn sensation.

In the exclusive preview below, check out Norman and Rocero as the first transgender models to front any edition of Harper’s Bazaar, ever. See all the covers here.

Text by Derrick Gaitér

Photographer – Stockton Johnson (De Facto)
Art Director – Christopher Sollinger | Stylist – Kisha C. Jones
Hair – Sina Velke, Stoj (Streeters New York), & Derek Monroe | Makeup – Vincent Oquendo (The Wall Group) & Campbell Ritchie | Nails – Candice Idehen (BRIDGE Artists) & Yuko Wada (Atelier Management)