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Oh Sigrid…

Every editorial girl has her “sexy” story; the pictures that take her into that unexplored realm of seductiveness, miles away from the typically staid world of the catwalk. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The girl who looks great in a Jil Sander suit, isn’t always the girl who looks great vamping it up. With her latest story in Numero, Sigrid proves she can handle both sides of the biz; a little swimwear, a pair of metallic boots and a lot of hairspray, the classic beauty transforms into a femme fatale. Miguel Reveriego shoots the sizzling story in black and white, highlighting Sigrid’s presence and phenomenal poses.







  1. I’ve never thought of her as anything other than just the regular blond girl… but I’ve fallen in love with her recently. I’m really loving this editorial.

  2. OMG !!! so different that the girl i saw in Martiique ! but … just amazing ! so hot so … french … so Sigrid !

  3. The shoes look big on the 4th photoand made her legs look bigger too.

    I love this story, sexy hot!!

  4. A classic beauty! She has the combination of an “old Hollywood” look and a modern French or Italian look. This creates a complex but timeless look. I love it.

  5. my oh my oh my!

    sigrid is phenomenal.

    and the photographer really hit the mark here!

    wow, the saturation!

    my body tingles!

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