1. What is up with all these model dedication international vogue issues? I can’t even keep count?

  2. Stunning but I prefer Liya Kebede’s pregnant shot for i-D. That shot was dynamic and vibrant this on the other hand looks so relax and vulnerable.

  3. To Betty

    Completely of topic. I was looking at the post you put up when you said Baptiste was the no. 1 male and in hindsight you were definitly right, but back then everyone thought you were wrong. You guys have serious insight, just wanted to say that you all do a really good job and thought it was time someone said congrats on a great site and thanks for the fantastic content. Keep it up guys

  4. there are better photos of her in a former playboy magazine, on a sailboat with peter gabriel and friends.

  5. She is my all time favorite model from Guess till now!!! Love this, I will buy this Vogue even I can’t read German.

    Breath taking cover!!!

  6. LOVE supers, and this cover shot is gorg, she is just my least fav one ever. bleh. but nice to see models and supers still rockin the fashion scene.

  7. I hope some of you remember that DEMI MOORE did the same thing more than a decade ago… posing exactly the same way, when she was pregnant on the cover of probably VANITY FAIR ( If Im not wrong ).
    So its nothing new… But Claudia is glowing as always but It would have been better if it was original.

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