Le Rouge et Le Noir

Rare is the brand that people get excited about in terms of fashion, imagery AND casting. Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci is one of those and for F/W 10, WWD gives us a preview of the campaign with one exciting and unexpected face. Lea T, a Brazilian transsexual who is his former assistant and fit model joins longtime Tisci favorites Mariacarla Boscono and Simon Nessman. Returning face Jonathan Marquez appears as well, with a pink haired Malgosia Bela and Catherine McNeil adding supermodel vavoom. Fresh faces Joan Smalls, Ming Xi , Paolo Roldan and Willy Cartier appear in their first major campaign which was styled by Carine Roitfeld and shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. (Click here to read more about Riccardo’s thoughts on the campaign)

Simon, Catherine, Mariacarla, Ming Xi, Malgosia, Jonathan

Simon, Willy, Jonathan, Lea, Paolo

Images courtesy of Ford and Success

  1. finnaly, A transsexual broke in international fashion!!! Bravo,Riccardo Tisci!!.

    Will it be more transsexual out in this fashion world?

  2. I’m amazed, just a really great campaign.
    Perfect Models, Stryling and Shots.
    Hope it’s going to be an awesome campaign season.

  3. finally! the one i wait for every season. the saturated colors look so original. mariacarla is dynamite and finally catherine is back. best casting by far.

  4. Ming Xi shines!!! There’s room for more than just one asian. Everyone here’s equally amazing though. Love Catherine and Malgosia’s hair.

  5. Wow, Catherine was such a suprise for me, while she didn’t walk in the show.
    I have to mention that Dafne Cejas is also included, but not in this shot.
    Pity MCB is stsnding before catherine, but MCB looks great, too.
    I don’t care about the rest, at all.

  6. Where’s Dafne Cejas? I thought she was suppose to be in the campaign too?

  7. i love what i see with the casting and overall mood = a mix of ck one + helmut lang + bennetton

    the styling looks better here – i wasn’t a fan of the runway presentation (the hair in the women’s runway show didn’t flatter the models.)

    will there be accompanying videos?

    i’d like to see givenchy collaborate with roberta close (my favorite brasilian trans)

  8. This early campaign news is so exciting! Good to see the new kids after the shows popup in the mix. AND CATHERINE MCNEIL!!! She had seemed to really be falling off the radar to me, and I surely didntexpect to see her here. I’m just elated to see Mariacarla again, as we all know she is the ultimate muse of Tisci. She should have rights to the brand or something. I love her to def!!!! I love Simon Nessman even more than that. Five consecutive seasons at Givenchy is kinda unheard of for a male model, no? However, he is doin the damn thang. He is everywhere (edits, campaign cred), and is still rising, so it seems. (Watch out Mr. Giabiconi, Mr. O’Pry.) Good casting for this campaign, but wanna see more. Thanks Janelle for this ‘early-bird special’. Got my fashion fix today! 🙂

    BTW………How many times has Mariacarla done Givenchy?

  9. More Lea T please…..her beauty is haunting. ….

    I love La Dolce Boscono’s body language here. Ming Xi is stunning!

  10. Amazing. I think Lea T looks so stunning.

    I as well cannot wait to see the rest of the campaign

  11. Lea T looks fantastic…the whole campaign is fantastic! So happy to see Cat McNeil, too.

  12. Actually if this ad was in black and whit, the concept was too close to the “CK” campaign campaign from the ’90s with Kate Moss, Stella Tennant and Jenny Shimizu…


  13. Hi Betty, do you have any images of joan appearnece in the campaign?. Happy to see catherine mcneil in a big ad.

  14. the girls: love cat mac, and ming
    the boys: wow simon never knew you could look so edgy. willy looks great profile, very andro
    the transsexual: not cool, sorry

  15. Ugh, why do people keep saying Liu wen would be better?? Ming is far more beautiful physically IMO

  16. First glance.. perhaps I’ll muse elsewhere
    Second glance…beauty and love becometh.

    It is subtle but quite the eye catcher.
    I find my eyes dissecting every line and piece. So vivid.
    The gloves on Malgosia have got my name bedazzled all over them…

  17. Ming looks great with Mariacarla!Ming deserves it!Liu closing the show doesn’t necessarily mean she gets the campaign.Ming’s looks are much stronger than Liu TBH and I can totally see Ming going to be HUGE!

  18. somehow i don’t like Paolo
    he looks so scary,i mean i do understand edgy and editorial,but he looks unpredictable^^

  19. oohhh…. i love love LOVE the first one! The colours are BEAUTIFUL. Mariacarla held the photo!!

  20. i had no idea it was a transexual. looked like a woman to me. haha I was trying to figure which one was forever, haha.
    dont see why everyone is going goo goo ga ga over this campaign really. nothing that special. preferred last 2 seasons actually

  21. Queen Fierce mariacarla!!!
    i love how relaxed she is in the photo.

    i do hope though to see her stare in the next set of photos.

  22. hm…another promising asian model? looks like they are really breaking some major barriers

  23. Simon is the Lara stone of male models.and maria Carla is a dream.

  24. MALGOSIA AND CATHERINE ARE PERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me a cat, because those two, in this campaign, make me meow!! They are legendary!

  25. I guess i have been sleeping as i never realized it before, but two thumbs up to Next agency on this, the two stars are their girls. Go get’m

  26. PS… just read the comments… Toby K… i am not tranny obsessed, but get a life… they are part of the public that comsumes fashion. They too deserve representation. I guess you’re stuck in the 1930’s. Too bad for you, they’re fun and they SPEND $!

  27. Yeah, Toby K. what’s up with you saying the transexual is not cool? Is it cus u didn’t like the pose? Or the fact that she is a transexual? What ever you meant it sounded pathetic and immature.

  28. Lea T is divine! I’m soo glad Ming scored this one, let’s see her more often why don’t we!!!!

    Thank you Ricardo for breaking the boundries and accentuating fashion in new ways. In brilliant ways! J’adore Givenchy la rouge et la noir!

  29. Regarding Dafne and Joan, these were the only images released by Givenchy. And as to why they didn’t mention Dafne in the WWD article, who knows? I am old school and will only mention campaigns booked if sources like WWD mention it.


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