1. i love madonna, meisel, and LV so i can’t say anything bad about this campaign

    Can’t wait for February to see this pictures everywhere

    and Alex, Marc Jacobs is trying to convey a retro feeling, so what’s better than using madonna for that??? you should reconsider in your comment hahaha


  2. I thought the name of this website was MODELS.COM, not oldwasheduphagswhostealcampaignsfrommodels.com

    Meisel is brillant as always especially considering who he had to work with.

    But come one people, we need to get behind the models whom we all love so much..that’s why you are here after all, right!?!

    I just can’t imagine the power of this campaign if it were Caroline, Anja, Karol, or Lily. Oooh La La.

    Or how about some diversity? Can you imagine LV using Sesilee, Jordan, or Chanel? Oh the shock!

  3. I like these shots…the atmosphere reflects what she pretends to be or should I authorized myself to say what she is:” A material..a material…a material GIRL” I like every detail of it … Meisel you are a GENIUS!

  4. Interesting, but personally, I think it’s nowhere near as good as the other campaigns Steven Meisel had shot recently, for example the Missoni campaign. this is “Parisian chic” gone wrong.

  5. once again meisel without an outstandin styling s nothing….but even less without photoshop…she even looks like her self ..please…when will we come back to something close the reality n we l top this stupid game where any1 ca be on a cover of a big magaizin or even better on a ad campaign.????..this s a very bad time 4 fashion e creativity..it s all fake

  6. There are so many out there who can do this better than her Madonna.
    Retor. I wanna see Sphia Loren more than anyone than.
    And if a pop queen Kylie photographs better than anyone.
    Madonna is useless.and please stop using celebs and give the jobs back to models.

  7. I like this – but they could have done a shoot with more ‘oomph’ to bring out the ethnic detailing of this particular LV collection.

  8. i completely agree with eamon, look at the bag and her accessories, do they belong in a cafe? i reckon it would have been more appealing in an african tribal village with someone like Kinée Diouf. oh well. i do think however they got the best out of a bad idea.

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