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The red carpet of the Met’s Costume Institute Gala is always a scene for fashion moments and mishaps, the attendees either look incredible or completely regrettable but no matter what the outfits are memorable. This year was no exception with scores of actors, models and fashionistas turning up in their sartorial best, but who won the evening when it came to style? Did Chanel Iman’s Kors jumpsuit look refreshingly modern, or overly glittery? Was Doutzen’s Zac Posen a little too prom queen for you, or was the look perfectly sweet? Was Sasha’s beige Marni the bomb or a total bust? Tell us who you think looked the best, or the worst and take a look at the roundup of chic model looks. 


Liu Wen in Naeem Khan & Constance Jablonski in Jason Wu with John Demsey of Estee Lauder


Lily Donaldson in Marc Jacobs

Angela Lindvall attends the Costume Institute Gala Benefit to celebrate the opening of the "American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity" exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 3, 2010 in New York City.

Angela Lindvall in Versace


Coco Rocha in Zac Posen


Naomi Campbell in Dolce & Gabbana


Alessandra Ambrosio in Versace


Doutzen Kroes in Zac Posen with the designer


Karlie Kloss in custom Donna Karan


Jessica Stam in Rachel Roy


Anja Rubik in Altuzarra


Jamie Bochert in Rodarte for Gap


Dree Hemingway in Calvin Klein


Rosie Huntington Whiteley in Burberry


Bar Refaeli in Rag & Bone


Caroline Trentini in vintage


Liya Kebede in Rachel Roy with the designer


Karolina Kurkova in Altuzarra with the designer


Amber Valletta in RM by Roland Mouret


Elisa Sednaoui in Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld


Chanel Iman in Michael Kors


Hilary Rhoda in Prabal Gurung, with the designer


Sasha Pivovarova and Kemp Muhl with Sean Lennon, all in Marni


Natasha Poly and Noah Mills both in Michael Kors


Gisele Bundchen in Alexander Wang, with husband Tom Brady


Iman in Prada

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  1. I love
    Dree Hemingway, Chanel Iman and Hilary Rhoda.
    Do not like
    Caroline Trentini and Karlie Kloss.

    Lily D. looked super gorgeous, too!

  2. is it just me or Iman looks ABSOLUTELY incredible at her age?? Too bad she is not doing VI these days

  3. Hillary Rhoda looks eye catching yet classy…..stunning face as always.

    Doutzen looks, how will I say it, ” healthy plump”.

    Bar Rafaeli is wearing Gisele 2009.

  4. I think Hillary Rhoda is one of the best dressed among the who’s who in fashion. Its simple, sexy yet classy!

    She’s stunning! !!!

  5. Most of them dont look really good..
    They dont really ” fit” on those clothes..maybe they “wear” the good on the shows..But privatt..most of them look like homeless,which fond a dress…

  6. Where’s Natasha Poly? She looked the best in my opinion, I gasped when I saw pictures of her.

  7. My favorite is Gisele by far! She´s the only who can pull this off, gorgeous… I think Chanel, Alessandra and Hillary looks stunning too.
    In my opinion Doutzen Kroes and Bar Rafaeli are boring as always, Doutzen wore like a “my sweet 16” girl; Meantime Bar was wearing like a “I´m going to nighclub in Vegas”

  8. great: liu wen, sasha p. amber valetta, karlie, jessica stam, bar, lily donaldson, naomi, iman, alessandra, constance j, hilary rhoda.

    bad: caroline trentini, kemp, gisele (first time she wears something that I don’t like), chanel iman, liya kebede, kurkova, doutzen, anja, jamie, dree.

    not in order!! this is my opinion =]

  9. Caroline Trentini, Gisele, Lily, and Sasha had my favorite looks.

    Doubtzen and Coco’s Zac Posen were HIDEOUS. How can he sleep at night inflicting such horrible dresses upon such beautiful women? Seriously.

  10. First off, Lily D is stunning, I literally shouted OMG.

    Constance looks cute.

    LIU WEN is just too gorgeous for words.

    I think Coco over did it, she does look nice though.

    Naomi looks just plain bad.

    Alessandra is a GODDESS in that dress.

    Doutzen looks okay, btw, Zac looks so good here!

    Karlie really is a gorgeous girl but her dress is rather bland.

    What in the world happened to Stam and Anja???? Their hair..those dresses OMG so badd..

    Jamie Bochert just seriously scares me but I happen to think that her dress was really cute.

    Dree Hemingway looks absolutely stunning and I’m not even that much of a fan of hers, really!

    What is Bar R. doing at this event?? She look’s like she’s going out to some cheap club.

    Now Caroline, on the other hand, looks like she’s going to a funeral.

    Liya, to me, look’s rather silly with that hair-do.

    I think Karolina looked so pretty and angelic but those shoes are heinous.

    Amber looked really good. I want to like Chanel’s outfit but with that bored face she has on it’s rather hard. Her outfit isn’t even that great. A jumpsuit for this kind of event is quite a weird choice.

    I’m so glad Hilary was at this event it reminded me of the good old
    Rhoda days. However, she’s looking quite manly here. She most definitely should have let her hair down to soften her strong facial features.

    Not too fond of Sasha or Kemp.

    Gisele looked fierce!

    And Iman, what a beautiful lady she is.



  11. Karlie Kloss and Chanel Iman definatley! Gosh Doutzen definatley looks gorgeous for a prom queen…for the red carpet..not too sure. Loved rachel roy’s jumpsuit on liya both beautiful girls. If I had one favourite it has to be chanel iman!

  12. Liu, Alessandra, Iman, Rhoda and Gisele are the best!

    Lily, Doutzen, Bar and Trentini wasnt so lucky in their choice that day…

  13. I really dislike Stam’s Rachel Roy dress . It’d be perfect for a cougar in her 50’s but not a twenty something model .
    Lily Donaldson and Alessandra Ambrosio look like the epitome of Hollywood glamour in their gowns .
    Personally I really like Liu Wen’s look with the Naeem Khan dress . Very young and interesting dress . Really pretty .

  14. Get the name of the designer correct!
    It is not PRABUL it is PRABAL which means

    either Strength ( Hindi/Nepali – maybe)

    and in Bengali may mean CORAL.

  15. Thank you Prabal, for that flawlessly spelled comment. I sincerely appreciate your ability to point out typos and hope that you are having as incredible and amazing a day as I am. I feel you have expanded my mind, may you continue your good works.

  16. Alessandra has the best dress by far. The runner-up would be Gisele because she’s fierce wearing no matter what.

    The ones that I did not like are Doutzen’s e Bar Rafaeli’s dresses.It seems that they didn’t know what kind of event they were going to.

  17. my faves are Iman (classy), Amber Valetta, Coco Rocha, Karlie Kloss, Jessica Stam, and Dree Hemmingway even though I’m not a fan. Her shoes are killer though.

  18. Anja looks amazing yeah the hair is bad but the outfit is awesome!! she has the best body

  19. Rosie is gorgeouss!! This dress really suits her!
    And so are Natasha, Coco and Jessica
    Alessandra’s dress is beautiful but I think she’s just too skinny. And the one who disappointed me is Gisele… definitely not one of her best outfits.

  20. Alessandra always is the best to me. Perfect dress, make up, hair…She is gorgeous.

  21. Caroline Trentini e Alessandra Ambrósio
    as mais lindas com os vestidos mais lindos.

  22. DOUTZEN looked like she was trying to channel Cinderella, not a good look. As for COCO, well I dread to think what her wedding dress will look like. KARLIE and STAM’S dresses were just very very predictable ie: bland.
    GISELE, she just looked cheap. SASHA wouldn’t be out of place around a camp fire, CHANEL looks way over done and I hate what she’s wearing. CAROLINE, boring. DREE her dress was an improvement on her face, she’s just not pretty at all. NATASHA, LILY and ROSIE all look great in my opinion. [Please don’t edit my comment]

  23. What the hell was up with Doutzen? Cinderella dress is a lil outdated. 60 years outdated and not coming back. Natasha and Noah Mills together? That’s hot!!!

  24. And even tho I feel Sasha is simply stunning, she could’ve used all the Marni necklaces to pull of this look, at least for this event.

  25. Anja Rubik has a Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface feel. And Alessandra has to be my favorite pick of the night. Leave i to the Victoria Secret model to pull it off. She brought all her sex appeal to this night.

  26. Anja’s body looks gorgeous and toned.
    Liya looks totally perfect (hair, makeup, outfit, EVERYTHING). I luv her.

  27. OMG, I am SO HAPPY TO SEE HILAY RHODA! She is Beautiful!

    Coco Rocha’s dress, I have to buy that!

    Naomi Campbell, you are absolutely stunning!!!

    Caroline Trentini should have worn a bra, this is not runway missy.

  28. Gisele because she took a risk and IMO worked.
    Alessandra looked lovely too. reminded me of Gisele in 2008.

    and out of all of these, Bar stands out. but not in a good way….she does not belong.

  29. Doesn’t Coco love absolutely marvelous? The colors of her Zac Posen dress bounce off of her skin but don’t look claustrophobic to the eye.

    Natasha Poly also is a stand out for me. Her simple choices in color, cut, and jewelry make for an elegant choice.

  30. four words: COCO AND LIU WEN

    They are simply stunning beautiful models and girls with beautiful spirit

  31. i know people on mdc love altuzarra but his clothes are really weird not in a flattering way. and he looks really tiny next to KK.
    p.s. i’m not a hater, still think he’s a goodlooking guy but his clothes are kinda hideous

  32. GISELE GISELE GISELE!!! aside from the whole losing baby weight thing, she looks like a SUPER HOT BOND GIRL!!! Then there’s Karlie Kloss…no one could wear a dress like her…so beautiful…on a final note I’m really happy to see Karolina Kurkova again…I miss her after she left VS

  33. Natasha Poly absolutely the best, the dress of Michael Kors was incredible, simple and elegant, and Natasha with Noah Mills, wow, a dream for me, a great couple, top of the world and of course of this event, NATASHA & NOAH ROCKS ^^ the best, we love you.

  34. Coco was absolutely STUNNING in that dress.Also LOVE Lily D.,she looked like a goddess.Liya was as FABULOUS as usual,while Stammy & Naomi were totally disasters.

  35. JESSICA IS CUTE!,, i dont thinks she is prepared vbut her face and body saved her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROSSIE WHO??, yes the angel with out wings fell on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. it was meant to be a great fashion show but i’ve never seen such lack of elegance and style. all of them look horrible!

  37. Iman and Angela Lindvall really know how to work their red carpet moments. I’m still in awe with Gisele’s post-baby body. Where was La Evangelista? She seems to have disappeared.

  38. naomi looks dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,i can see blood stains in her fingers,,ahaha just joking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    alessandra,yeah we all now your the flatest and Vs but yeah,. try something else

  39. Hillary Rhoda’s dress has the most “WoW!” Factor……this is the Superbowl of fashion, simple and elegant wont really cut it, you need to stand out and I think that Ms Rhoda really kills it!

    Another one that stood out for me is Doutzen Kroes, her Little Miss Bo Peep frock looks amateurish and not in the league to be there. Sorry doutz.

  40. Alessandra looks the best imo! And I’m not biased, since I don’t love her.

    Liu Wen and Natasha look gorgeous too!

    WTF is Doutzen wearing? She deserved a gorgeous dress, not the imitation of Cinderella’s gown! 🙁

    And also, what the hell, Gisele? A little more class would look fine… :S

  41. the best dressed is NOAH – because he could wear anything (or nothing) and look incredible.

    next up for best dressed: amber and liu

    then stam, karlie, lily, naomi, constance, alessandra, anja, jamie, dree, rosie, natasha, hilary, iman – no particular order

    worst dressed: love her but, caroline

    the rest are meh..

  42. the most beautiful and wonderful the night was Gisele Bundchen Alessandra Ambrosio wore a versace gisele in the same color as used in 2008 Doutzen Kroes was more like “My Sweet 16” ridiculous

  43. Not all look at their best even they are models. They always look better on runway.

    Chanel Iman looks dirty with her outfit and make-up.

    Love Alessandra, Coco and Gisele (She looks hot with Tom).

    Anja’s dress really show her body but please do the hair.

    Why Cindy was not there as the them is Amarican Woman?

    Some of them didn’t fit the dress well or the dress didn’t fit them, I guess it’s last min invitation? LOL



  45. Doutzen is missing a big Candy cane and some sheep’s running around her….

  46. worst dressed
    Bar Rafaeli,Hilary Rhoda,Kemp Muhl
    so trashy

    and agree with that zac posen’s dress made
    coco and doutzen look old

    best dressed
    1.Lily Donaldson and Natasha Poly
    2.Constance Jablonski and Liu Wen
    3.the VS girls Chanel,Rosie,Alessandra

  47. lily, coco, alessandra, anja, rosie, karolina, gisele, natasha

    but lily alessandra and rosie are DA BEST

  48. Liu Wen looks radiant in Naeem Khan!!

    Like the contrast vibe from the dress, Prabal Gurung on Hilary Rhoda.

    Yep, Doutzen looks like she is ready to go to the prom.

    Coco Rocha, that dress is awful choice. It looks so spring dress because of the print and color.

    Liya Kedebe and Gisele Bundchen were surprisingly look good in each of the dresses. Their choices were definitely risktaking. They worked it!!

    Sasha looks “upscale” hippie in Marni dress. What’s up with the hair? Boots? No no.

    Chanel Iman looks like she is ready to go to the JAZZ club. That dress is too glittery and metallic because of the fabric and color choice. Obviously, she isn’t fond of it.

    Rachel Roy dress and gold jeweleries made Jessica Stam looks aging woman.

    Ale looks fantastic in Versace dress but, that heavy earrings and hair were too much to add. Less is more, no?

    We don’t need to see almost “see through” dress from Caroline Trentini. Cover yourself, girl!

    Overall models’ dresses: OK, not terrible, and not great. Just OK.

  49. GISELE! GISELE! She is so gorgeous…. really, what is her problem? I loved her dress. She is wonderful, the best in the night. I always like what she wears. and I agree with who said Bar was wearing Gisele last year. She is a Gisele wannabe. and alessandra reminds me gisele 2008 as well.

  50. Yes, as I stated above that Bar was wearing the Gisele 2009 look. Bar should know better to wear something that will be compared to La Bundchen. Well what do we know? Maybe Bar is gisele’s number one fan. She got Leo after all!

  51. Overall, the Met Ball was extremely boring this year. There were no memorable fashion moments.
    Anyway, my favorite dress was on Charlotte Gainsbourg. Her date was, of course, Nicolas Ghesquiere. Oh, the envy. 🙂
    The models:

    – Lily D: chic and sexy without trying too hard (think of Gisele and her trashy side boob dress in 2008). The best of the night.

    – Coco Rocha: pulled off a great Old Hollywood look, though the dress wasn’t very impressive.

    – Natasha Poly: I liked her lipstick. That’s all.

    – Gisele: not edgy enough to pull off this sort of look. This dress would be much better on someone cool like Anja, Freja or Daria. Gisele should keep her usual “sexy” thing going.

    – Sasha: did she dress herself in the dark?

    – Chanel: too Studio 54 for my taste.

    – Caroline T: she always looks gloomy on the Met. It’s a bit tiring. But, at least, in the other years, she bothered to wear a bra.

    – Stam: this dress aged her A LOT.

    – Doutzen: looking like a wedding cake.

    – Rosie: too conservative for her feisty persona.

    And no Kate Moss. That’s probably why the red carpet was considerably more dull.

  52. You look great Noah! Way to go. It is great to see you doing so well, and you both look great in Michael Kors.

  53. coco rocha for the best elegant girl, natasha poly is very classy and sexy together with lily donalson…. i dont like the way they dress anja rubik. she is a great model but she does looks like have a quickie sex in the corner and mess up her hair… sorry….

  54. Coco, Liu Wen, Natasha and Gisele did it for me. The rest – no.

    Somebody feed Ana; just a little bit!

  55. Sasha and Co. Looks like the Un-Cool kids in high school. Ha ha ha

    Rosie is beginning to look like Nicolette Sheridan. She looked like 45 here.

    Chanel Iman looks like a tyranny in Glittering Gold.

    From the neck up, Stamp looks 16. From the neck down, that dress made her look 50.

    Anja looks like in need of a bucket of hair conditioner.

    Lily Donaldson’s waistline is missing!

    The Best are The Estee Lauder Girls!!!

    Hillary Rhoda is stunning, royal with sex appearl……her bearing and poise and her Million dollar face made her the best of the night!!!

    I agree that Liu Webb is one of the best. She’s radiant and beautiful in that gold dress ( take note, Chanel Iman! )

    Constance is also glowing! !!!

    There’s something about these Estee Lauder women…..Classy. check. Stunning. Check. Beautiful. Check!

  56. most look ok, but none strikingly hot, to be fair, the models never look as good as the celebs on the red carpet, why is that? considering they’re believed to be top beauties. most of them look no way near as good as on the runway. so i guess it’s true that one casting director told me ‘they only look good on the runway or pro photographs.’ maybe they’re too skinny, or their faces are too ‘runway look’? i don’t know….but look at Eva Longoria or J.lo or Kerry washington or other major stars, they’re breath-takingly hot. i don’t think the Met or any red carpet is missing any glamour without the models @@~ (am not a hater, i’m actually a huge fan of some of these top girls but they always make me go ‘hm, or er…’on red carpet rather than ‘wow’ on runways or editorials)

  57. There isn’t a picture of her here, but Emma Watson looked absolutely stunning in a white Burberry dress.
    Natasha looks beautiful, and Karlie Kloss.

  58. Jess Stam looks absolutely exquisite! I don’t like Coco’s dress but she herself looks beautiful~~ Also love Dree, Liu, Bar, Lily, Elisa and Chanel. Natasha’s face, though, steals the show- not a fan of the dress but she was the first to make me WOW. She looks hawttt.

    Dislike Karlie (sorry!), Trentini, Jamie (so stiff), Sasha and Doutzen (that thing is too big and saccharine even for prom).
    Also Anja should look stunning but she just seems disoriented.. her arms .. :'(

    This looked like such a great event. Wish I could’ve had a backstage pass! xx

  59. omg natasha looked amazing with Noah….are this 2 dating or was this just cuz of the kors clothing been pair up with each other?…… well
    my top 5 are
    3. vs models chanel, Alessandra,and kk
    4. gisel
    5.liu wen and constance
    the TOP haTES
    1 Doutzen Kroes
    3. Bar rafaeli
    4.caroline trentini
    5.Kemp Muhl

  60. i think they all look good. but i especially like lily, liu, constance j., natasha, amber and iman.
    gisele really wasnt in her best dress, alturzarra dress is good but i must agree that it looked rather small on karoline k.

  61. Natasha looks good, but runway good. It lacks real life “wow” factor.

    Hillary RHoda is Popping in that black and fiery red ensemble!

  62. i love how liu and constance look so simple, but so elegant. its that nice, quiet sophistication a lot of those girls lack

    naomi and iman look too …dare i say it? heavy..

    sasha looks..malnurished

  63. I LOVE CHANEL IMAN. I can’t imagine anyone else in Met wearing what she’s wearing; LIU WEN AND CONSTANCE JABLONSKI for a double knock-out that reminded me of the sueprmodels wearing Balmain last year.

    Hey Doetzen Kroes, Cinderella is looking for her dress. and thank God it won’t rain anytime soon.. Coco Rocha used all the nimbus clouds for her dress. Lastly, Naomi Campbell looks like she’s losing her strong personality. Her assistants must be celebrating.

  64. liu wen and constance looked young, fresh and fabulous.

    lily and stam looked old and matronly.

    doetzen is definitely the worst dressed. won’t even pass for a prom queen!

    what is caroline thinking? channeling bold star instead of fashion goddess. ew

  65. OMG! Since when do I have X-ray vision??? Ohh never mind, is just caroline’s dress… LOL! Looks like she is naked in that dress!!

    Worst Dressed:
    -Caroline Trentini = looks naked
    -Jessica Stam = looks old
    -Doutzen Kroes = Prom!!
    -Sasha P. = Homeless/drunk

    Best Dressed:
    -Alessandra Ambrosio = She looks like a mermaid <3
    -Coco Rocha = She looks like a Gustav Klimt painting!

  66. I don’t understand what’s the big problem with Caroline’s dress. The complains about its transparency reveals such a hypocrisy. I thought that in a fashion site people would be more open minded and would really understand about fashion.

  67. Bar was worst dressed IMO. It looked like she was going to a club. hair,makeup,dress everything. she was so underdressed. for the met you should either take a risk or do full out glam. no half a**-ness please.

  68. Well, where to start…
    In general, I feel the majority of the girls looked beautiful ( specially Gisele, Lily Donaldson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Hilary etc ), but the dress choice was a different matter. Overall, I don’t think the choices were appropriate for the event in question ( The Met Gala ), but rather more suitable for the Grammy’s or MTV awards or something similar. They looked out of context, out of place.
    Not keen at all on the frocks on Bar, Lya, K Kurkova ( awful dress! ), Chanel or Sasha ( go on girl, we know you’re Russian but don’t have to look it on here! ). Jessica Stam looked puzzled like if thinking “what am I doing in here.” Everything said about Doutzen’s dress is correct. I do like Constance Jablonski look in general, and Peter, yes, you are spot on your comment about Lily Donaldson’s dress. It did nothing for her shape, she is not curvy, has quite thick waist and narrow hips. Beautiful radiant face, pillow shape/no shape in that frock. And Hangar, I totally agree with you on your remarks about the fuss caused by Caroline Trentini gown. Maybe her choice was a bit too classy for her age, but rattling your feathers people about transparencies?, please, get a life!
    Love the fresh beauty of Elisa Sednaoui, and finally gotta comment on those stunning couples/pairings seen on here: Gisele + hubby and Natasha and Noah. Just Fab!

  69. So that’s how it works: what I wrote about Gaston de Foix was censored but what this noble person wrote about me was not. Good to konw. Never gonna access this website again.

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