Dynamic Duo

The season’s best new faces have already started to invade editorial space, Sara Blomqvist and Katrin Thormann, make their way to the pages of Vogue Nippon. Looking exceptionally sleek in black sequins, the sylphlike newcomers make quite the impression. Mariano Vivanco‘s stylish photography lets the natural allure of each girl shine through the eclectic styling.

  1. Jeremy,
    I disagree; in my opinion, he is an excellent photographer who has various shooting styles depending on what magazine he works with… His work for Dazed is always visually very interesting. You have to remember that a magazine like Vogue Nippon is definitely more restrained unlike Dazed.


  2. Betty,

    Fully aware that Vogue Nippon is more restrained but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull and these pictures are in my opinion.


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