1. Great cover and I’m so happy for Daria!

    Kirsi’s amazing and this is only the beginning for her… but Daria has really earned this cover. Finally getting some blue-chip attention! 🙂

  2. Kirsi has it all!
    And after her flawless start (with amazing runway and campaign -!- bookings) this is such an increadible achievement for her.

  3. I don’t understand why people are saying Kirsi doesn’t deserve to get the cover.As long as she has an interesting face,can transform in front of the camera and bring the x-factor to the cover,then why not giving a chance to a really talented new girl?Shes so going to be HUGE!Her face really stands out!

  4. Don’t matter what anybody said. This, folks, is how you make a splash! KIRSI is here to rule!!!

    She commands that cover with her sheer Star Power Potential. It doesn’t matter if you’re an old timer or newcomer, its how you grab the attention of the fashion industry.

    Steven Meisel surely saw something on her, and we we can see why!

    Kirsi is the name I will surely be watching out……

  5. Oh get over it Ninfa!! The fashion world IS ‘gay’!! (Btw, I don’t get that same feel from the cover.) Anyway, so this is the cover everyone (TI, tFsnistas, etc.) was ranting about, and waiting to see which new face would grace. I now have a new favorite newbie. Krisi commands this cover!! Daria is lovely as well, but Krisi’s presence is so strong. She looks like she BELONGS on the cover of Vogue Italia. Krisi Pyrhonen IS GOING TO BE BIG!!!

  6. wo! worked with Daria on a L’Officiel cover and thought she looked like a young Uma Thurman. this girl is going places!

  7. Thanks Nik , but when you say: the fashion world is gay , are you talking that almost all of them in this business are gay?I just want understand some photos that I already saw…

  8. What I mean by ‘gay’ Ninfa, is the outrageous, crazy, over-the-top, flamboyant nature of the industry. Anything goes (almost); beautiful men in stilettos (see Baptiste by Lagerfeld), girls kissing girls, homoeroticism (see an edit in V magazine March 2010 featurin Carolyn Murphy, or Dolce & Gabbana advertising, Vogue Hommes Japan, or almost anything Steven Klein for that matter), and the ongoing love for androgynous gender-bending role play. (see Angela Lindvall and Tyson Ballou for V Man, Spring 2008 or Vogue Italia, Jan. 06). These themes seemingly inspire some of the biggest names in fashion, and to the average person who is totally oblivious to REAL high-fashion, it may come off as being just………………gay

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