A Russian Tale

Linda Cantello brings her masterful makeup artistry to the pages of Vogue Russia, with an inspired beauty story. Shot by Paolo Roversi and styled by Sheila Single, the story recreates the look of Russian ballet performers during the era of Diaghilev. Using makeup, couture and a little magic, Iris Strubegger and Heidi Mount are transformed into surreal interpretations of the the period’s look. The end result is a story that is imaginative and inspiring all at once.





  1. Iris…..
    ! Had she existed during any famed epoch of yore, she would have been girl numero uno.
    Plutonian Goddess.

  2. Well, since my last comment has been deleted, here´s my new one, where i won’t insult iris.
    I really loooove Heidi, a pity there’s another one in this editorial.

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