Iron Man

Though everyone may be focused on the prevalence of “boobs” in fashion, we’re noticing that the strong and sexy man is getting their moment back in the spotlight. V Man‘s new story with Axel Brorson perfectly epitomizes the male form at its most athletic and sleek.

In this exclusive quote for V Man from Italo Zuccheli (the Men’s Creative Director of Calvin Klein); he announces that “Axel has a powerful, Scandinavian magnetism. He is like a young Dolph Lundgren. He perfectly fits the spirit of my fall collection, which is about masculinity and toughness to the extreme.” Calvin Klein is of course the brand with David Agbodji lending his flawless figure to the campaign this season.

Adding to the visual heat is Andres Velencoso Segura, who recently appeared on the new Vanity Fair Spain cover baring almost all. This, coupled with his new underwear campaign for Ermenegeldo Zegna shows that Mr. Segura can hang with the best of the new sexy, male models.

Axel for V Man by Josh Olins. For full story on Axel, go to V Man, pages 134-140.


Andres for Vanity Fair Espana by Giampaolo Sgura

For our video interview with Andres, click here.

  1. See like me,

    I haven’t yet met Axel but Andres is far from being a meathead.. I interviewed him and he is so sophisticated, intelligent and sweet that it’s hard not to fall in love with him, like all the clients probably do. Here’s the interview I did with him a couple of years ago. Excuse my perkiness.. I was younger.


  2. I’m not really intrested in the meathead comment or anything but that picture doesn’t really flatter his body and he really does have an attractive body. LOL, I remeber that interveiw.

  3. Betty, I love your way with words. Btw, no worries. You were just the right amount of perky in the interview!

    As for Andres. He is even better looking now with age…

  4. Naked guys, even muscular guys are nothing new. What’s ‘groundbreaking’ about the Vanity Fair cover is that they did not force him to shave.

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