Viva Hollywood

Pop art meets high fashion in the new W. Inez and Vinoodh hit Hollywood to capture a slice of artistic Americana as Sessilee Lopez leads the charge. Sporting chic ready to wear and a host of larger than life add-ons like oversized jello boxes and gigantic shoes, Sessilee balances Hollyweird oddity with L.A. cool perfectly.

Sessilee Lopez (Major Model Management)by Inez & Vinoodh for W

  1. Damn, she always make the clothes look hella good! She is always fierce in every pictures! Rock on, do your Viva La Lopez thing!

  2. She’s soooo good at what she does. I love how she can go from super-edgy to soft and beautiful depending on her hair, makeup and styling. Very versatile model. She’s the creative artistic energy that the fashion industry is all about!

  3. she is just amazing – like a most beautiful alien from another galaxy.

    her facial expression is such mezmerising that I cant find words, honestly!

  4. Her appeal IS that she is good at what she does! She’s never the same! I saw a photo of her where it looked like she was levitating. AMAZING!

  5. to me..she s perfect only when meisel play her like a moder grace jones…besides that..she s the grace of a drag…btw the story s a cheap version of many saw on vogue italia..(((

  6. This is probably one of my favorite eds w/ her in it. I love the 2nd picture which makes her seem to be a mannequin. However, I’m wondering if her agency paying you guys to push her this much. I mean, this wasn’t OG. She did have this editorial w/ Eniko and Laura.

  7. Sessilee’s face doesn’t really appeal to me, but whenever I see her in an editorial, I fall in love. True sign of an amazing model.

  8. RandomGuy, your commentary is way out of line to suggest payola. The fact of the matter is that Ms. Lopez is amazing! Almost all of her posts have a long list of comments from a vast variety of people both inside and outside of the fashion industry, which only serves to show that she is relevant and interesting enough to be talked about by others. Go Sessilee!!

  9. To Random Guy:
    No, her agency is not paying us to talk about her. She’s been a favorite of ours for a long time, back from when she was our model of the week from 2004. Our editorial staff focuses on different facets of the covers and editorials we see… Sessilee (and Lara) had the most pages in this story (over the other 3 girls) and we thought her shots showed a lot of visual diversity. If you want to see some more shots of the other girls you can go to that page in the directory about her shoot, we have about 1/3 of the story on there:


  10. trumancapote: You rarely have a kind thing to say and I wonder if *anything* pleases you – or you only pipe up when you want to be negative.

    I’m so ill of the people that go “black chick with short hair = Grace Jones”. It’s so freakin’ narrow.

  11. Sorry Betty, it was just a question. My intent was not to doubt your integrity. Sessilee is by far my most favorite model and if you follow every post about her, you’ll see that I comment on each one. It’s just that I was seeing so many of her eds posted here and I just wanted to know why… Please don’t stop posting about her, because, as I mentioned, I love her to death.

  12. to Eamon : it s not me to have shot her like grace jones but mr meisel 2 or 3 times on vogue italia…n btw many thing please me … but the real big thing s way far form those cheap cloned editorials with dragqueen look alike models

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