1. omg, heels on those rocks.. dangerous, much respect to models who do this.

    She looks gorgeous in print and on runway!

  2. She is so talented! I remember when I saw her for the first time at Louis Vuitton and immediately thought “Who is that girl!?”
    She is awesome.

  3. She’s got great potential. Her 2nd pic is kinda reminding me of Karlie, though Barbara has her own star power too.

  4. barbara palvin is perfection!!!
    but where the rachel williams comparison comes in is truly a mystery.

  5. She exudes such sexiness. Her beauty and appeal is alluring; she has the sultry and sexy look of the 80’s.

  6. definitely one to watch. i expect she will be major. i can see her doing VS and landing major cosmetics contracts when she matures a little, a great face for editorial work too. an exciting girl to have around.

  7. I have this magazine and actually didn’t like their choice of model for the clothing they selected. She just looks way too young for all those womanly clothes. Someone at least 5 years older would have carried it off better.

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