Sebastian Faena presents an unexpectedly subdued story for VMan. Meghan Collison, Sean O’Pry, Siri Tollerod and Christian Brylle, cast by Andrew Weir, star as two well dressed couples in Faena’s 60s inspired studio edit. Both pairings are unexpected but work surprisingly well together – who knew Meghan and Sean would look so good together? Mattias Karlsson‘s impeccable styling keeps the couples coordinated and the sky high beehives by Holli Smith add to the retro feel.





  1. @lasher – agree with you. it was the italian vogue with heather stoller (rip) on the cover. forgot who the male model was. and then meisel used the same concept for a d&g campaign that season. i’m sure he used reference material for his pics so no one can claim originality on it ultimately.

  2. Cool you guys. I learn so much from the comments…Thanks. Great pictures…. Siri’s beautiful…really…and of course, Sean O “The Face”.

  3. The best thing about the shoot is Christian Brylles eyes. They’re magnetic and soulful!

  4. yeah, steven meisel for vogue italia, titles “the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie”, as in the buñuel film.

  5. agree, its a direct reference, a little too obvious for my liking but its done okay and if your not aware of the original shoot, you’ll love this

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