1. are you serious the SS09 line sucked so much! Im really surprised that they picked him to win. I was expecting Richard Chai. but Alex is the hipster of the moment, so i guess I’m glad he won, not saying that Im not a fan, because I am. Just ddn’t think he was as strong as when Erin was helping him out. Does anyone else think that after Erin isn’t styling anymore…the line kinda looks bland and boring?…

  2. LaSucks:

    I think to say that the “SS09 line sucked so much” is an extreme exaggeration. I go to many shows covering backstage and I have to say that Alexander makes of the few lines out there that the models really love and actually wear. I see the models all the time and being backstage at his show is like hanging out with the girls at the Waverly Inn. He really makes sexy/comfortable/wearable clothes that defines their downtime aesthetic. I would totally wear his clothes on a daily basis… and isn’t that what fashion is about?

    Erin is an American woman and a model, the new stylist for this show was Alistair McKimm who is a man and from the UK. Definitely different aesthetics.. I think it fit right very well the simple clothes mixed with Alexander’s very strong shoes.. Too much overstyling would have looked…. overstyled.


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