Boys Meet World

The VMan / Ford models contest has a history of discovering male modeling’s next stars, and this years winners Luke Briggs and Michael Wozniak are featured on the cover of the latest issue. The fresh faced duo are shot by Terry Richardson and styled by Mel Ottenberg, for a story that focuses on casual dressing and youthful fun. Joined by finalists Ford Smith and Nicolas Madrid,and a platinum haired Hannah Holman, the boys are given a chance to show their stuff in their first big editorial. Do you think they pulled it off? Let us know how you feel!





  1. The last two pictures are the only all right ones! the others are sort of dull..too plain

  2. the winner on the first cover simply repeats that dead-in-the-eye look. thumbs down. like the second guy’s smile, though perhaps the model with the most intriguing and interesting features is the one shown next to last.

  3. its kinda hard to say if they pulled it off. Terry Richardson shoots are not that interesting usually (with a few exceptions). These boys are just standing there acting goofy. I would like to see them in a real high fashion situation with someone like Steven Klein.

  4. yeay, defo pulled it of, they look gr8, but the bottom one looks more like he should be a greeter in a & f than in a fashion mag

  5. I like the covers.
    The rest, dull-seen-it-all-before-and-million-times-done-better.
    Best of luck, guys.


  7. Brilliant Models… Both Males and Females Models…
    I was just wondering, If I have pursue my modeling with GQ Agency Asia, Maybe I’ll be posing with them by now! haha

  8. last picture’s my favorite…about that comment, how the winner looks like penelope cruz…that made me laugh…BUT it’s true.

  9. I was actually rooting for Nicholas… and I’m quite glad to see him here… that kid’s got potential.

  10. Did the models take their own photographs while Terry was out of the room: very post-modern approach.

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