1. This is by far the hottest story I’ve seen in sometime, love the touch of Converse… Sorrenti & Alt together equal pure sex.

  2. amazing; so much fun! i especially love the body shape and angle in the third shot, and agree with neo about the converse. great editorial, everything seems to come together and create perfection.

  3. ah,sorry my mistake, when i mentioned third short i meant fourth, miscounted the photos. poly really knows how to model.

  4. I’m so jealous of her in these pictures. She looks so sexy but also classy. I am absolutely in love with her now. Good Natasha.

  5. ps: Cavalli forgot to cast her for his latest campaign! she would be the 3rd carrot on the picture!

  6. @Gustavo : lmao ! how do you know that :)) It was funny ..I mean it’s really funny ! how can they forgot it ! anyways : thanks for let the fans of her know that :)))) hahaha

  7. She nails it all! who doesn’t like her or this story must be blind!!

    She is super and know how to model her body.
    Love it!!!

  8. Natasha Poly ROCKS
    She is absolutely the best top model in the world, woooooooow she has a great body
    Natasha is N°1.

  9. Is there anything left to be said?!
    This is simply stellar!

    The best of everything that is woman, beauty, fashion and nostalgia is encapsulated in the 4th photo. So 80’s.. the type of photo that is respectfully admired by the young boys sitting on the floor playing Miami Vice on a hot summer afternoon.

    It has to be my favorite photo of the year thus far. Her last name should be Deity!

  10. I dont care how much these photos are airbrushed..They are fricken GORGEOUS!! Way to go Ms. Poly!

  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,, my al time favorite model!! she is my herooo!! just look ta her photos!!!!!!!!!! she never gets old!,, UGHH!! LOVE HER LOVE HER!!!!!!

  12. this is a professional pictures and well done natasha because you made the picture come alive well done

  13. This is swimsuits editorial but all I see is Natasha and forget about everything….is it a bad thing?

  14. models.com for me you are the best site but you are missing the cover of Vogue Hellas of June 2010, and there’s Natasha Poly
    please post

  15. Simply stunning. Great career of a model. A modern Day Supermode ( post 90s )l !!!

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