Bits & Bytes: Gone Too Soon

Sean Bohary, photo Richard Avedon for Calvin Klein 1996.

Top model though he was, Sean will be forever remembered as a loving partner to Elayne, father to Sid and Emma and inspiring/generous soul. He may have lost his longtime battle against cancer but he was a fighter till the very end. Our deepest condolences and prayers to his loved ones.

American Vogue gets a “report card” for the month of May. You know you want to find out its “grade”.

The Human Bra“…. these pictures of what the average person thinks of modeling “poses” are really kind of funny.

Robin Givhan, for the Washington Post, reviews the new House of Versace book. Boy it’s going to be juicy.

We’re huge fans of female photographers. Bettina Rheims, called the Annie Leibovitz of France, is one of our favorites.

Costello Tagliapietra creates timeless, feminine must have pieces. So to say we’re excited about their new capsule collection for Uniqlo, is a bit of an understatement.

Hannelore Knuts curates her first exhibit.

Liu Wen‘s post about her recent Estee Lauder announcement is poetry and grace personified. This is a true example of how a model should be.

  1. Liu’s blog is so graceful. Love reading it both Chinese and English.

    I can’t wait how Estee Lauder creat her look.

    all the best to her.

  2. Come on !!! really , Liu wen it´s Amazing !!!

    but where is sensibility ???

    I´m feel Sorry for Sean , and give my respects for Hes Family .

  3. Sean,

    You were my first “LOVE”…13-18…I have never gotten over you. When you are in Heaven say “hi” to Thor…I know he missed you, as will I. Much “LOVE” & respect to James & Sandy…..Thank you for Sean….


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