In Tribute

Steven Klein, Carine Roitfeld and Lily Donaldson turn out a couture tribute to the late Alexander McQueen, with an editorial full of unforgettable ensembles. Carine’s styling combines the best (and most dramatic) couture offerings with sexy silk stockings and sky high heels. Lily is transformed by platinum hair and jet black eyebrows created by the expert team of hairstylist Paul Hanlon and makeup aritst Stephane Marais.







Lily D by Steven Klein | Scan by Harumi @ tFS

  1. great. especially love the first, second and last shots, but not majorly impressed with those between. lily looks great here, the clothes are impeccable and the photography is genius.

  2. As much as I love Lily, I think this concept would have been even better with a different model.

  3. this s very good but i m so bored with photographers like klein who can just take the same images over n over again

  4. She dominates the scene with her powerful persona and strong features. She takes gorgeous photos.

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