Million Dollar Baby

Alessandra Ambrosio might not be the obvious choice for a couture story, but in Vogue Russia the supermodel shows another side of her multifaceted persona. Joined by Simon Nessman and Oskar Tranum, Alessandra dons pieces from Gaultier and Givenchy as well as special boxing gear, all chosen by superstylist Katie Grand. The muted colors Alasdair McLellan uses for this edit, add a certain softness but Ale still manages to bring the heat.image10







  1. i like her but am not sure about the final product they’ve achieved here. the concept failed in providing enough excitement and originality to the shoot.

  2. Alessandra’s body here is amazing. In terms of expressions, I felt like she could have given more.

  3. i think a beautiful curvy woman like her is PERFECT for couture.

    I think we will be seeing a lot more of the VS girls (or girls like them) in high fashion edits. Since the Vuitton and Prada shows, curvy will be the next fashion trend. And I am a fan.

  4. This is STUNNING, so glad to see a more editorial side of her. Alessandra’s return to HF is fantastic!!

  5. I agree Pete. 🙂 Kudos Ale for this VR edit with Alasdair, as it is always good to see any of the VS girls in any Vogue publication rocking Givenchy couture, but I just love Simon. I think he has grown leaps and bounds since I remember first seeing him in Vman FW07 issue. He is the epitome of male elegance, yet masculine. AND HIS FACE…………..!!! I like that he was cast here with Ale, two beautiful people. I dont know a lot about that Oskar kid yet, but well done all..

  6. Good to see her doing something other than full-on sexy. That said, the styling on the guys and the chemistry just isn’t working here. Simon, who I think is the male Christy Turlington facially, is better clothed.

  7. I get that Alessandra is not what u expect for a couture shoot, but in the real world the ladies whom buy cotoure are hardly stick thin 15yr olds.

  8. Is it fair to say that Ale made Simon Newsman even more beautiful? Lol

    Couture are best illustrate on a thin and long silhouette. Designers pick the thinnest girl for the job because they carry the dress better than a regular model.

  9. I’m not sure about the whole concept of the shooting all the 3 models have more potential that what is show so..

  10. Is it just me or Alessandra’s face became really chiseled looking, thus the masculine comments? ?? I saw her at the VS runways and her body is overworked out, her femminity and sparkles are lessen.

    A little bit of weight should make her more womanly.

  11. Take a look at Simon Newsman in the first picture. He looks so fresh, moist and dewy. The hair is shining, his cheekbones are magnificent and the lips are invitingly red.

    Alessandra looked like she just woke up from a 30 min nap , I don’t know what’s going on, and the hair….I’m not feeling

  12. Gise, I think its her make up, they take her sparkle away for a more serious high fashion look. And that fake dried up poofy hair aged her. Linda Evangelista looks scrumptious and sparkling at 45!

    Its not ale. ….its the hair,styling, makeup on her…….

  13. I agree with ‘The Editor’.

    She is definitely not curvy, but still a beautiful model of course.

    I also think she could have given more expression – could have been a fierce shoot, but it seems lacking in something.

  14. Alessandra is not high fashion material. I don’t know why people still insist with these Victoria’s Secret girls like Miranda, Alessandra and Adriana. Let them do their underwear thing. Leave couture to the pros, like Sasha, Anja, Natasha Poly and Anna J.

  15. As Judy says…….VS girls already made bucks posing in their panties……lets give the new girls a chance and jobs to do what they can do best, Couture. There are wonderful crop of girls who are hungry, I bet, for jobs like Alla, mitre, Anna J etc….

  16. Not used to see Ale in this piece of editorial. Hmm…That didn’t work…Not sure what editor tried to achieve that.

  17. nice shots, but for a victoria’s secret model i thought i’ve seen her with at least some booberage, and now it seems she left it all at home or something..

  18. i’m not sure if this really works… the chemistry in the pictures seem too forced… a little contrived…. mmm….


  20. I would love to see Alessandra wear the Tux and Baps wears the couture. It would be a “Moment”

    come on guys, let’s be creative!

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