New Vogue Order

As fashion moves to embrace diversity Vogue unveils its chosen few. Highlighting the variety of beauty via the hottest modeling stars Patrick Demarchelier captures the allure of the individual. Official Vogue it-girl Caroline Trentini cements her status as the face of new post-millennial luxury, while Sasha Pivovarova proves that she can do elegant as well as avant-garde. Oluchi Onweagba takes center stage as regal doyenne and Coco Rocha shows off the retro charm that makes her the perfect representative for Vogue’s ongoing love affair with nostalgia. Newcomer Arlenis Sosa displays the refinement that has made her a sensation and last but certainly not least cerebral beauty Lakshmi Menon, makes her American Vogue debut looking as impeccable as ever.

While each girl is special in her own right the combined power of these beauties represents a collective shift in the Vogue aesthetic towards something more inclusive and representative. As a group these models are accomplished and intelligent with strong personalities and diverse backgrounds.Together they reflect the modern spirit of beauty as a multicultural, distinctive and inspirational force.

  1. Lakshmi and Arlenis look great in this shoot, they are truly break out stars!! and the fro is working for arlie GET IT!

  2. Now this is what Vogue should be all about. It’s so much more amusing when all the people have different background stories and different complexions and facial features. BTW, Lashkmi is officially one of my favs now.

  3. Nothing but good can come out of a new Vogue interest in highlighting diversity. It will only inject more excitement and interest in fashion. I am sooo thrilled to see Oluchi, she has been a favorite of mine for so many years

  4. Lakshmi is nothing short of perfect..she’s just glowing in this pic! I LOVE her! Plus Oluchi, Arlenis and Coco look so cute =)
    Worst shot – Caroline

  5. lets see how long “diversity” will last…same photographers..same stylists n same models not one issue that will change VOGUE…

  6. is also true that if Sasha look like a pig in that pic..Coco totally girl next door….problably there s a reason why Meisel “unfotnuly” s the only one….to make gilrs look like stars….

  7. Lakshmi rocks, we need more indian girls in business..they have this certain aura. loving oluchi and arlenis as well.

  8. laks and sosa looks amazing and this an arura about them that is intriguing..
    Oluchi is such a powerhouse it’s good to see her in Vogue and the interest in her is rising.

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