Youth In Revolt

Paolo Roversi and Lucinda Chambers present a youthful vision of couture in Vogue UK. Couture is usually presented with a certain degree of seriousness, but it is always nice to see one of a kind pieces in an everyday setting. Roversi’s images are as soft and ethereal as ever and Dorothea Barth Jorgensen does a wonderful job of playing a normal girl whose life is heightened by the exquisite designs she wears. Sitting around the shower in Armani Prive, a quick swim in Versace satin: it all looks beautiful and fresh.







Image Credit | Scans by fearless123 @ tFS

  1. i wish you came up with a different title for the post, since ‘youth in revolt’ is the title of Hedi Slimane’s new and well publicized portfolio in vman.

  2. Youth in Revolt is also a novel by C. D. Payne, a movie with Michael Cera, the name of a band, a play, a television pilot and a post I did in November of 2009. Nothing is new. I’m sure Hedi will forgive me…

  3. I don`t like it . There is no energy on the pictures and her expression is the same on all of the photos.

  4. Oh i wish i had a model to photograph half as amazing as her! Paolo is so amazing.. but i would have to agree with previous note.. this isnt as striking and moody as usual! But Paolo can do no wrong in my mind.

  5. The photography is beautiful and i like dorothea’s vacant expression in a lot of the shots, it fits the concept well. However, i don’t like the concept and i particularly hate those bloody helly hansen flip flops!

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