Night Vision

The treasures of the couture season are on full display in the new V. Cedric Buchet takes girls of the moment including Lakshmi Menon, Kim Noorda, Siri Tollerod, Olga Sherer, Karmen Pedaru, Anna Selezneva and Magdalena Frackowiak to the streets for spectacular show of movement. Whether they are strolling elegantly through urban terrain or throwing their clutches in a fit of fashion fury these ladies give their all to the camera.

Siri Tollerod,  Kim Noorda, Lakshmi Menon, Magdalena Frackowiak, Olga Sherer, Anna Selezneva and Karmen Pedaru by Cedric Buchet for V Magazine

  1. Lakshmi : gorgeous..what else?!
    Don’t really like Magdalena here while that Versace couture gown on Lakshmi is simply dreamy!

  2. lakshemi is a … i have no words! the model that was desperatly needed to rock the modeling scene.

    magdalena would be a grater star if she had body as l.stone.

  3. laks……………….vamo chica!
    i agree woth Ryder above… Magdelena needs some weight in the right places, her face screams sexy with all possiblities of Sport Illustrated, Victoria’s Sercet then back to Cavalli, Dior and Prada shows. but her body is so runway and thin, not attractive thin, runway. L.Stone was nice curvy maybe it a bit much for her,lol! but she is the Scarlette Johansen of modeling.

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