The Luminous Ms Lopez

Sessilee Lopez continues to work the camera in her own brilliant fashion in December’s i-D with a 10 page only girl story by Solve Sundsbo, styled by Patti Wilson. Sessilee’s exuberance and energy and love of modeling the season’s top fashions always shine through, which explains her status as a girl most wanted.

Ph: Solve Sundsbo, styled by Patti Wilson for i-D magazine December 2008. Pics courtesy of Major

  1. WOW these are fantasic edits!!! Just amazing. LOVE Sessilee and LOVE Patty Wilson. Styling is genius and the hair is Incredibe.

  2. Unbelievable. Sessilee is just phenomenal. I still can’t grasp how she can be that expressive.. and the lens captures it perfectly everytime. She really knows what she’s doing. One of the best models EVER!

  3. Sessilie rocks, Petti always cool and Solve is just unbelieveable.. so different work he presents.. amazing edis.

  4. really major, you certanly rock with sessilie.
    when i first saw her polaroids, back in the days of her development-i said no way she is going to make it. how wrong was i? !!
    she is a true talent, a true icon!
    she can do no wrong in editorials!

  5. She is amazing her. It looks like she is channeling Mrs. Diana Ross but better! She can sing, “I’m Comin’ Out – Comin’, I want the world to know – got to let it show!”

    Viva La Lopez!

  6. I want to see her on the “Forbes Model’s Who Make Bank” list. She is one of the top African-American models out there and with the election of President-Elect Obama; it would be great to see her on every magazine cover and in every campaign.

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