10 by 10

10 Men’s Winter Issue picks some of their favorite new faces in all their natural beauty, shot by Michelle Lee of KCD.

For more pictures and info on these young men, click on their name.

Adrian Bosch
Chris Pulliam
Dominique Hollington
Iso Deljanin

Jeremy Young

Johannes Linder
Lasse Pedersen
Luiz Afonso
Matvey Lykov

Top to bottom Adrian, Lasse, Iso. Top right Chris Pulliam

Top to bottom- left side, Matvey, Jeremy, Johannes. Top to bottom- right side, Luiz, Dominique, Perlin Gentil. Ph: Michelle Lee for KCD for Ten Men Winter 08

  1. the list is really not complete. part of the list is great, part of it is just weird…
    where is julius beckers? why is adrian bosch on the list? is he really a new face? ( come on)
    why is perlin on the list ( what did he do except from jil)? where are boys like kristian akergren and mathias bergh?

  2. iso deljanin is interesting face for me. he is with success if im not mistaken and i must say this year im all hooked up to their faces… some future starts are there…

  3. To X,
    Not sure if you are in the business but if you are not…. There are many reasons why a list like this cannot be comprehensive
    1- Ten magazine’s “thing” is to choose 10 faces.. they have to cut it off somewhere.. A lot of great faces were not included probably for various reasons, of which 2 of them I will address below…
    2- A lot depends on if a boy is in town. I know that Julius is based in Germany (still in high school) and Mathias and Julius were probably in Paris when this was probably shot, or possibly not in town (if this was shot in Paris).
    3- There is knowledge that people like Michelle at KCD are privy to, perhaps Perlin shot a big campaign or editorial that’s coming out… Or perhaps Ten and Michelle just like him and foresee great stuff for him…

    All lists (like our top 50, top sexiest lists) will never make all people happy all the time. But that’s not the point to satisfy people. People have to trust that the people at KCD and MDC have a very high standard and there’s always a reason why we put the stuff we do out there.


  4. The list is not that bad. However, I do think that Adrian, Dominique and Perlin should not be on the list. Adrian – he is not a newcomer at all. Dominique and Perlin – they did walk for important shows but there are more new guys who did better than them. I would replace them with Mathias Bergh, Julius Beckers and Michael Gstoettner 😉

    Anyway great photos, Michelle 😀

  5. Ok…..Julius Beckers was not available for this shooting and Betty got the reasons correctly. This Saturday in NY….12 outstanding guys on the RED men’s board will be featured in a MAJOR men’s magazine. The final 12 will most likely be based on who’s available and not who’s the hottest….so there. Keeping fingers and toes crossed…..in the next 24 hours….I may be able to make an announcement about Dominique Hollington that will have all his haters in a fall back posture. Track the RED blog for updates.

  6. and oh yea…….one should not sleep on Salieu Jalloh. He too should have made that list but I’m not crying.

    ***correction to my above post. 12 RED men will be shot this Saturday in NY city for a Major men’s magazine 🙂

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