Classical Influence

Steven Meisel presents a classic view for Vogue Italia: the stylized portraits featured in April’s cover story seem timeless. Led by the iconic Amber Valletta and Angela Lindvall, models Joan Smalls, Lara Stone, Freja Beha Erichsen, Giedre Dukauskaite, Gwen Loos, Jac Jagaciak and Abbey Lee Kershaw, manage to look like true stars in the short and shrunken looks crafted by Karl Templer. The barely there ensembles, emphasize Spring’s focus on all things small, but the one of a kind hair creations courtesy of Guido Palau are larger than life.










Image Credit | Scans by Diciassette @ tFS

  1. THANK YOU!!! So, PLAYING WITH PROPORTIONS!!! Read the cover’s title before you say something bad, please!!!

  2. it s so disappointing to see every month such huge budget n great models going wasted by some one like meisel who clarerly doenst care anymore in doing soemthng special..if he ever did

  3. i love the return to classic studio photos. there are great touches here with some of the models’ hair and makeup. and beautiful cast of models – giedre isn’t working enough and joan smalls is a revelation.

    but i’m always disturbed with schoolgirl fashion for grown women. i wish meisel would work less with karl templer as when they shoot editorials together their stories can easily look misogynistic. time to move on to marie chaix!

  4. I feel bad for the models, having to wash their hair after that crazy styling! Beautiful editorial though!

  5. Jac and Joan are great here. Can Jac ever take a bad picture or a pose? She’s such a natural model. and good to see Giedre, hope she has more editorials in future, i miss her.

  6. I hate seeing Jac so skimpily dressed. Girl is only 16, ick. But anyway, Lara Stone’s picture is definitely my favorite, she can’t ever seem to do wrong. Poor Freja got some seriously ugly hair.

  7. Wow. This is brilliant. Especially the Freja pic (tho would have loved to not have the other leg cropped out).

  8. karl templer does the best editorials with steven meisel , the styling is amazing !this is timeless genuis ….another classic

  9. This works. But if that hairstyle we see on Amber & Freja becomes THE next thing, I’m horrifyid to walk streets of my home town. But good for hairspray sales!

  10. I really dislike the amount of hairspray being used around the fashion industry at the moment! It looks so false and dirty . Not in a positive way either .Prada started it I think , with those disgusting pigtails . Then Roberto Cavalli with that greasy looking side fringe thing and now editorials like these . Put the hair spray down!!

  11. The casting is quite good, the styling, too.
    That kind of hair seems to be THE thing since Guido promoted it at the Prada Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 show.

  12. The whole sloppy just got out of bed and drowned hairspray look is working for Joan Smalls solely but honestly these hairdo’s are catastrophic IMO.

  13. is meisel taking a look at w every once in while to get some ‘inspiration´for his vi spreads?
    when you look at w for inspiration something is reaaaally really wrong

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