Rainbow Brights

Fresh off of a stellar season, Top 10 Newcomer Melissa Tammerjin debuts in the pages of Vogue Italia with a colorful story by Richard Burbridge. Dressed in a madcap assortment of prints, patterns and textures, Melissa looks phenomenal: the eclectic styling courtesy of Marie Chaix brings the clothes to life, and Melissa’s classic beauty shines through, even as she sports pink tinted hair.






Images courtesy of NY Models

  1. bland. the same pose and face in every shot. 3rd shot i like, but because the post and expressions are pretty much the same in every other shot the only good one loses its impact

  2. I have to agree with Jake: Its the same picture four times in a row. Not sure who is to blame but it showcases nothing of the model or photographer.

  3. This is SHOCKING! How many times in the last two decades has there been a Vogue Italia cover that was NOT show by Steven Meisel?! Is this a first? Koodos to Richard Burbridge! 🙂

  4. Taken from Wikipedia: “Meisel currently works for many different fashion magazines, including US and Italian Vogue, in which he has photographed every cover for two decades.”

    Yup! Yup! Holy moly! I know Wikipedia isn’t always accurate though. Could someone please confirm this? Thanks 🙂

  5. It’s not a vogue italia cover, it’s a supplement, these are always shot by someone else than Meisel.

  6. This must be the blame of the photographer,…not specifically looking at her face, but the way she is sitting. Questions is..why?

  7. Oh wauw.. i am all for dutch models and i am myself a “part time” alt model but jake is right… she does look the same in every shot!! Too bad!

    Gorgeous girl but needs help with posing and expression…

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