Mr. Ward

Tony Ward continues to push the boundaries: the always expressive Mr. Ward stars in Maciek Kobielski‘s sexy series for Vogue Hommes International and shows off quite a bit of skin. There is just something about Tony, whether he is stripped down to his Calvins or sporting a Dior Homme tux, Tony remains one of the most original and dynamic forces in male modeling.







  1. Mr. Ward is quite the legend. (Maybe even Linda Evangelistas male counterpart.) He always pushes it right to the edge. I wish we could see a whole lot more of him.

  2. You wrote me the day I forgot to credit and urged me to do so, but every time you take my scans, you never ever mention MORPHOSIS. This is strange, isn’t it ?!

  3. Tony ward is the terry richardson of male model. Dirty and sexy.

    Btw, why was he compared to Linda Evangelista??? As the greatest Linda fan, I demand an explanation to this!

  4. Tony worked with Linda on a 1990 Dolce & Gabbana where he’s threatening/abusing her and they both played their parts to perfection.

  5. Hi Lestat,
    I only contact you when it’s specifically stuff that it’s EXCLUSIVE to us like the Boys from Milan pictures given to us by Andrew Weir that you copied without crediting us.

    We got Tony Ward’s editorial from his agent at Bananas. How are we to know you scanned it?

    We’ve only started recently crediting scans in the database (since the beginning of the year) and you’ll see that now when I do use scans from you, I do link to you. Anything from before 2010 there might not be links but from January on we do credit the source.


  6. ROFL oh god. Let me respond to this since I am the one who put up the post. If you go to the website of the great photographer Maciek Kobielski, you will see the source of the images. Call me crazy but since they were taken by Maciek I’m going to credit him.

  7. Sorry pete. What I meant to say was in terms of longevity. Both are over 45, and still working it. The mass imagery that Linda E has produced is incomparable, so I was not implying that at all. She is the GRAND DAME!!

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