Bits & Bytes: Brazilian Bombshells

Former MOTW Aline Weber (top). Alessandra Ambrosio (bottom).

Just in time as the sizzling spring/summer season arrives in NY is Hercules’ spread of 8 fabulous Brazilian beauties wearing well, not much of anything. Shot by Paola Kudacki and cast by Natalie Joos, see the sneak peek  here.

Elsa Sylvan by Ellen von Unwerth for Target/Zac Posen.
It’s a Zac Posen moment with not only the launch of his Target collaboration, but his first venture into real estate.
Model News:

Some might have called the 00’s the decade of the Brazilian model invasion but the non Brazilians seem to be popular right now for their campaigns.

We agree with Fashionista about setting some rules in New York (like Paris has) for models under the age of 18.

MDC’s top 10 newcomer Carla Gebhart gets her Ponyryder interview.

For anyone born before 1980, Niki Taylor will always be one of the original supermodels. Here, Production shows she is just as beautiful as ever.

We know male models are always keeping themselves busy since it’s just not as hectic for them as it is for the girls. Here’s 4 that are not only super successful (Vincent LaCrocq, Boyd Holbrook, Jacques Naude and Jamie Strachan), they are creating their own little artists community/gallery called BAG.

We adore this story in the NY Times about Karen Elson and her new album.

TFS does it again, picking out fascinating faces amongst all the thousands of new ones. We love Dan Kling who has an elfin yet ethereal face perfect for Jil Sander, Raf Simons and Prada.


Long before the Sartorialist, there was Bill Cunningham. I remember seeing him first in the early 90’s outside at shows and thinking who IS this guy? At 81 years old, Bill’s the ORIGINAL street style photographer and is still working his NY Times beat to this day. There’s a documentary recently out on him (where they spent 8 years chasing him to get his cooperation… “Why me? There’s no subject here”). Some of these recent street style photographers could take some lessons in humbleness and hard work from this true old school gentlemen. (Check out his video work where his enthusiasm is so infectious).

Prada takes over the world! Well at least our alphabet. Here’s the Pradalphabet created by M&M.

One of our favorite designers, Rad Hourani, writes a NY Times piece on black, his favorite color.

If you haven’t read Cathy Horyn‘s detailed story on Alexander McQueen‘s final hours, read it here now.

One of our favorite agents with a oh so wicked sense of English humor (and amazing stories to go with it), Richard Habberley gets his moment in the spotlight with an interview by Love magazine.

  1. Aline Weber, Alessandra Ambrosio very sexy. I’m not in to the new male model look beening skinny is ok but that skinny looks kind of sick. 🙁

  2. Thanks for the update on Niki Taylor. She looks GREAT!

    And thanks for the NY Times/Karen Elson link…I’m really curious about her musical abilities…can’t wait to hear her sing!

  3. The issue surrounding under-aged models continues… I still don’t know which side to pick… I know young girls shouldn’t be placed under sexy or fierce positions, it doesn’t feel natural at all, but there are so many GREAT and YOUNG girls, it’s hard not to fall… It’s a vice cycle, I guess… What do you guys think?

  4. I’m not a fan of models being so skinny they look like they just had a month long bout of influenza.
    I personally don’t understand the hype and attractiveness of twigs.
    Being that thin is not healthy.
    Basicly I dont like the whole thing of models who have the body shape of a 12 yr old boy.

  5. Aline and Alessandra are both really sexy and beautiful. Dan Kling on the other hand is way too skinny…he has an interesting look but he looks as though he could get blown away in the wind. I don’t support any campaigns that feature chronically skinny models. So thumbs down to Dan Kling.

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