What A Feeling!

Cinema has always been source material for fashion editorials and Anthony Maule looks to 80s dance flick ‘Flashdance’ for the inspiration of his latest editorial in Numero. Jacquelyn Jablonski re-enacts several classic scenes from the film and sports the lead character’s signature mop of curly hair, but do Maule and Jablonski pull it off? Are you loving this fashion flashback?








Image Credit | Fashion Gone Rogue

  1. 3rd and 4th and tjhe last photo are great. i hate the second shot, the second to last shot just looks like shes gurning and the body in the first shot is just.. odd.

  2. A little bit too dark and serious, but they pulled it off. They should had fan with it.

  3. There is nothing evoking flashdance here- I only like 3rd pics outfit and the 5th picture overrall.

  4. ^ Nothing evoking Flashdance. Ok so even though the hair / makeup / styling and backdrops are almost exact copies from the scenes in the strip club where Alex works, there is nothing evoking Flashdance…

    Alrighty then.

  5. kinda boring of this pics…

    I can say I don’t get any feeling at all with this model.

    She’s keep doing the same poses and same feeling….boring

  6. it’s quite pretty, the concept & outfits are beautiful BUT there’s something that makes me feel that it’s suck.

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