1. Doesn’t it seem, in fashion, that every three years or so, a new crop of girls come along to dominate the editorial scene. These girls are most definately next in line. Maybe it’s time for Mr. Meisel to shoot another Vogue cover of the World’s Next Supers. DON’T YOU JUST LOVE ‘EM?!?!?!??

  2. Magdalena is way too skinny, she looks unhealthy
    Rest of the girls beautiful
    i wrote this already but somebody took this comment of
    but that’s how she looks to me and not only…

  3. This looks like a model test. I thought these magazines were supposed to push creative boundaries. Instead this shoot is ugly and boring and brings nothing new.

    Why is v supporting Faena so much?

  4. I looked at Magdalena’s pic the longest. I dunno but it’s shocking. Can’t say that I hate it or love it.

  5. she is one of those people who remains thin, regardless of how much they ea, she has an incredible body

  6. What is happening to the industry .. Magdalena EAT. Worst of all, a lot of the girls look like this under the clothes, they just don’t show themselves naked. V has responsibility and shouldn’t cherish and expose this look as something chic.

  7. To all those commenters being rude and assuming things about Magdalena when YOU HAVE NO IDEA, no, we won’t post speculations. Say something critical in an intelligent manner and we will post it. (like Peter above).


  8. Well Magdalena has some different pics from earlier of her carrier and she’s not that skinny and she looks way better, so don’t know if that can be called “you have no idea”
    she just doesn’t look healthy at all and that’s a bad example for young girl

  9. I think its just the way she has her hands postioned, which really showcases her ribs, This is nothing new, models are skiny, they are young girls..


  11. with all the scrutiny models continue to endure based on their weight I am surprised that V features these shots of Magdalena. She is quite beautiful but, def. already on the thinner side and the elongated poses make her appearance more extreme. They are rather shocking.

  12. magdalena doesn’t have responsability for other girls at all. she’s not their mothers. and yeah, she looks hot.

  13. you know, jourdan looks exactly the same under those clothes as magda, and would have just as many bones showing in those poses.
    ps love magda’s new hair colour, hope it’s permanent?
    pps heidi is a goddess

  14. i think this is a beautiful editorial, but i agree, Magdelena is much much thinner than she was when she first started off, but i agree that her poses accentuate her bones and that underneath the girls look the same. Still, it was a bit of an eye opener.

  15. I was worried when I saw this too. She is very beautiful but her ribs and hip bones are pretruding out of her skin. Maybe its the way she is posing… but I really do not think so. The pictures do not attract me and all of her pictures usually do 🙁

  16. Magdalena- uhhhh. Her ribs make me feel sick. I’m happy that I’m not the only one noticing here! Though he posing is nice the picture is definitely NOT.

    Lakshmi as amazing as ever – Luv her

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