1. That second shot is so eerie and fetal, but I think I really like it.

    My fav shot is the last one. Just the simple arch in her back while her face just touches the waters surface is quite lovely.

  2. I commend her for her attempt, but the poses are lacking as are her facial expressions. Surprisingly, the ones where her eyes are closed allow a certain serenity. Otherwise, earth, air, and fire keep Alla out of this element.

  3. The photos are incredible. It is so futuristic. The second photo reminds me of a sonogram, the third one is so.. intriguing, very amphibian-esq.

  4. I don’t intend to sound like a harsh critic,I love the overall concept, however I feel like this story should have been a lot better. A beautiful long girl dripping in McQ should have made for a really UH-Mazing story.I’m an avid supporter of Solve’s work, I just could have seen way more from this!

  5. OH MY DEAR BUDDHA… this is one of the most stunning editorials of the year… it’s certainly the closest tribute paid to Alexander McQueen with so much relevance to his SS10 collection…
    the images are soft, floaty, lively and truly mesmerizing… it makes me wanna hold this vulnerable little creature and put her at ease…. OH my… it’s really putting me to tears… thanks Vogue Nippon…

  6. fantastic! adore it. it is so out of this world especially the last one and the one with miu miu dress <3 Alla was a perfect pick for this shoot..something different, salute!

  7. the overall concept is unique, especially since it really is underwater. however i think the poses get repeditive and slightly creepy. very much reminded of avatar.

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