To The Limit!

Eccentricity reigns supreme in the pages of British Vogue. Nick Knight takes ingenues Jourdan Dunn and Lily Donaldson on a wild ride, exploring the visionary side of fashion. Kate Phelan‘s expert styling takes the duo to new heights as they wear some of the most memorably outlandish pieces of the past two decades.

Ph: Nick Knight for British Vogue

  1. Jourdan Dunn is killing it! She has completely overtaken Chanel as the number 1 ethnic working girl… Bravo!

    What is going on with Chanel? Is she not working anymore?

  2. Jourdan can most definately hang with any super on the block. I love to see her going from strength to strength in each editorial she does.

  3. Ugh, why must people refer to Chanel Iman in this when she has nothing to do w/ it? Why can’t there be two (if not more) models of color @ the top? Hell, there’s thousands of blonde blue-eyed ones.

    Anyway, good ed. Both Models look great.

  4. Exactly. Who talks about the #1 white girl?

    If you always pit black models, or Asian models against each other, then there will only ever be one or two getting work at any time – and it destroys the COMMUNITY of working ethnic models.

  5. I’m not pitting Chanel Iman against Jourdan, the industry is. Its more than obvious that as Jourdan’s popularity has grown we have begun to see less and less of Chanel.

    I didnt make that choice I observed it. You should be asking why Chanel has been conspicuously absent instead of accusing me of pitting black models against each other.

    Just compare their runway seasons. Look at how many shows Jourdan walked and more importantly opened/closed and compare that number to how many Chanel has opened/closed. Then compare those numbers to past seasons. Its clear that the industry refuses to allow more than one Black model to shine.

    And in response to Eamon’s comment, I think talks about who the #1 white girl is when they create the top 50 rankings.

  6. yep yep.. jourdan has taken over as the top ethnic girl… i think jourdan is fierce while chanel is just cute. I would love to see both of them on top at the same time.
    I also want to see some more ethnic girls on the top too… what about sesilee, and arlenis??

  7. chanel is little young, I don’t think she gorwn into body. I think if she had a little more weight on her, she could do damage. she is defintiely destined for greatness,but give it a year, she going to be great. but walks like a dream. She very super.

    jourdan takes from Pola(powerful poser) yet she lacks the sha shay of Naomi or Tyra (if she has that, she would be the “real” next supermodel). She has it! Arlenis Sosa (oh my God) great icon in the making, but she also lacks that sha-shay that would book her more and more. I think she will improve. three women that will get compared too, just hopefully they can work together to be great models. Already on a great start.

  8. Fantastic. this is a great example of models, photog and stylist all on point and coming together to create art. So fresh. I actually took my time looking at these.

    Also, the word ethnic is being used a lot and it’s a little confusing to me. I guess its sort of being use in place of exotic, but it feels more like “anything but white”. We are all ethnic depending on what the majority is where you live. If this is an American shoot with American girls, I think our country has enough of a racial mix where a black girl can just be herself. I know people are not trying to use the word in a bad way but it just seems silly to me sometimes.

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