1. i have to say…i like it esp photo 1 and 3. vogue nippon is def doing its part to be a good fashion magazine.

  2. Phenomenal!

    The reason why one cannot close the book of Raquel. GOD do I love the first image..if that isn’t one for the ages then I don’t know what is. Love the second as well.

    So 1985

  3. i think we should also mention the MAKEUP AND HAIR in the intro, which so many times is not creditted as a major voice in the creation of these images.

  4. she is by far the best model I’ve ever seen! the bundchen story is very unfair! she deserves far more credit for what she’s done. and yes, the people that worked in this shoot much more credit than what I’ve seen in everyone’s post.

  5. Raquel is Raquel and Anja is Anja!
    they both have very different looks and body types and are good in their own ways and i believe this spread wasn’t meant for Raquel to impersonate anyone.

    *pic 4 somehow reminds me of Madonna though.

    Raquel is my favourite favourite of the girls of this time 🙂

  6. This is REALLY something else.
    Raquel is with no doubt the best working model in the business.
    No other can pull that off like she does.

  7. @Calvin I agree with you there are not limits to show parts of the body… but in this case I think was unnecessary, in my opinion It was an amazing shooting without nipples… it is not Raquel fault

  8. This editorial is simply amazing! Raquel is glamorous, elegant, sexy, absolue impecable! After this pictures and her editorial for March Vogue Paris (Paris, TEXAS) she must be between the sexiest models!

  9. Strikes me as the magazines love Rachel’s breasts. She is always naked. I am Brazilian and I also love.

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