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Gentlewoman, the much buzzed about sister publication from Fantastic Man, gives Eniko Mihalik a serious workout with a special editorial by Alasdair McLellan. Clad in some of the laciest and least functional gymwear possible, Eniko manages to look glamourous even as she’s lifting weights and doing crunches, a Rochas body suit might not work in the real gym but it sure makes Eniko look great.





Eniko in Gentlewoman | Image credit – ASF @ fashion_screen

  1. I’m an Eniko fan, but this was a disappointment. She looks lost in every photo. You can’t really blame her though… both the concept and styling are terribly weak. Her legs look amazing though.

  2. I thought it was JLO.

    She doesnt look like a model.


    Is Natalia Vodianova playing the gorgon Medusa, in the new Clash of the Titans?

  3. Why is it that there are always so many people disliking Eniko? I think she has the most incredibly delicate beauty. She is obviously loved by all the best stylist and editors…I adore the kind of 70’s sensual feeling she brings to the shoots.

  4. I think she does portray model. Not in that obvious overly dramatic make up in place at the gym. It actually looks like what a model would really look if she was really working out. So if that was the concept of the editorial, than they did a more than good job.

  5. Yes she is beatiful, but no where near athletic. I am not pleased with this shoot because it is very non-believable. But on another note, I love the top in the first photo.

  6. Eniko doesn’t look athletic enough for this shoot. She looks too soft in the 2nd pic, too heavy in the 3rd one. The fourth one she look too weak holding those dumbells.

  7. Gyonyoru vagy! Tokeletes amit csinalsz!:) csak igy tovabb!

    Nekem egyszer azt mondta egy londoni ficko; “nem ertem miert,de altalaban a magyar noknek gyonyoruek,szinte tokeletesek a labaik,ellenben a tobbi orszagokbol valo lanyoknak!” es megfigyeltem, igaza volt!:)
    Sok sikert!!
    Piroska Geneve-bol

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