1. Good for you Jac!! I really like the light, airy feel of this beauty bit. (Maybe its the bird??) Good use of neutrals too.

  2. She always gave me baby Shalom Harlow,even on the runway….But She starting to come into her own. sHE IS TRULY UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL…. KEEP IT UP! I can see going back and forth high to commerical to get her name out there…. There is a group of seasoned and newbies to the runway girls that are starting to become more and more like supermodel interms of staying power.

  3. Jac is so incredibly bland; I can’t understand her appeal. There’s just no apparent life or energy.

  4. Never a fan of Jac, she still looks like a child… i think she’ll get better with age though. This editorial could be great, if it was slightly less plastic and stiff. The ‘beyond white’ landscape shot is brilliant, there’s bit of motion in the hair and her face looks wonderful.

  5. And the 2nd picture leads to Versace campaign. Loving Jac in her calm manners, determined career attitude and all that backuping the ageless beauty. There is beauty – in general.

  6. I never, up until this very minute, understood the Jac fetish..
    This is simply stellar!

    The new Isabeli?…umm no.
    She’s more Coco-esque than anything.

  7. Gorgeous! The photographer is the most gifted here, but Jac looks so beautiful, so all the elements are working here so perfectly.

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