1. Umm, really? I don’t agree that it is great casting OR androgynous.

    Both girls are beautiful, yes, but together? I don’t get it.

    & nothing says woman like a bra. They’re both in bras. How does this become androgynous? Slicking the hair does not make it more sexually ambiguous, ballet dancers do it everyday.

    Lame excuse for a cover.

  2. Re: Ummm really

    Love them together – I think the casting director went for something different and it works. Don’t see what’s not to get about placing to exceptionally beautiful girls together.

    And you can be androgynous and wear a bra, I’ve seen Freja do it, seen Tilda Swinton do it, seen these girls do it too. Last I checked androgynous is a combination of female and male so I’m not seeing where a bra automatically makes this image feminine either.

    In short: Yeah really.

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