1. Very sexy it is. I so didnt see this coming, but again this is why I love Karli Kloss. She has really gone ‘ubersuper’ lately, and her ascension reminds me of Daria Werbowy(excluded her Prada exclusives), in terms of how fast she has become in the forefront of fashion. I hope she is still there years to come.

  2. While she is very versatile, the fashion world couldn’t wait till she was of age to sexualize her. Don’t know what to think about it.
    Never expected her to stay a teen either.
    Guess just used to seeing her in a usual manner.

  3. I was never really a fan of her
    but this editorial is definitely one of the best editorial i have seen recently, especially the second and last pic
    well, it is actually very surprising, cuz i did not expect karlie to ever bring out such sexy edgy editorial


  4. My Amore!!!!

    and she did it with conviction. Look how strong these pictures are!!

    Dark, Classy and Sexy, yet very vogue.

  5. great shots!!! I think I like her Naughty. Much more interesting then those never ending jumping shots in US Vogue in front of a grey screen. She has such a fierce and almost dark walk on the runway, so its great to see her doing something like that in an editorial.

  6. i thought u had to be a certain age before you started doing boob shots like these..I like Karlie but the pics are a bit grown

  7. @alisa: She’ll be 18 this year but it’s not it is a “true boob shot”. The 25 Magazine cover had both Abbey Lee and Natalia showing it all yet Karlie was turned away. That last shot you can’t see anymore boob than you would on the beach. Chick is STUNNING especially in that second pic. It all reminds me of Girls Aloud’s “Tangled Up” album era.


  8. I also think she could fit very well in cinema, like a Tim Burton movie for example… and so does Lara, they´re so special.

  9. I mean she’s a good model, but it’s obvious she doesn’t command her sexuality here (and can’t improvise it either) & the 2nd shot is the least “sexy” of all.

  10. How do I sum it up…..Karlie looks like a Bond Girl. A Villainess. like a Soviet Union Spy. Lol.

  11. cant command her sexuality? the girl seems like she can definitely command it to me. these shots are very sensual without being too obvious or crude. amazing

  12. @JW

    I totally agree that sexy comes with experience … or a really good photographer (these things can be fabricated too). I just wanted to point out that “naughty” is not a fitting word to describe this editorial.

  13. She’s one of those models who I just don’t get the hype about. I don’t really like her face that much. But, who am I?

  14. Kloss is boss

    @Sarah D I think what is so interesting about Karlie is not her face is not that interesting at all, but she has this powerful, commanding presence that is so captivating. If you watch videos of her walk, you’re done. Homegirl kills EVERYTHING. She is AMAZING! You can definitely believe the hype in her case.

  15. I think it’s a little sloppy and takes away her dignity. Do we really need a cut-out dress that shows the bottom half of her breast? I don’t think so…Karlie is beautiful without exposing herself like this.

  16. Karlie Kloss rules!!1. Karlie is the most amazing model I have ever seen!, and at 17! I hope to see her in layouts and ads in vogue and all the mags for years to come! I hope she has the staying power of kate moss etc. She is without a doubt the most beautiful just magic!!!. More! more!!1

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