1. I actually never saw why Carmen Kass was so great. I mean the girl can strut her stuff, but I don’t think she’s that alluring or interesting to be known as a great model. Malgosia on the other hand, is so interesting and can be such a chameleon. She is quite stunning and makes want to see more of her. Great work as always.

  2. I think the reason of Carmen greatness is her forceless fresh sensuality, she´s not a bombshell but has the sensuality of a vampireness, and always with elegance. She kept being unique ever since she started and Karlie is following her steps.

  3. I love Carmen Kass in Michael Kors. I can’t wait what her next ad would be. Be it a movie star, in a yacht with a boytoy, or biking in Capri. ….. Kors and Kass do produce stunning ads!!!

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