Self Sufficient

This season’s Self Service is packed with goodies from Ezra Petronio‘s polaroid vaults. Malgosia Bela and Carmen Kass star in dual covers snapped by Petronio and the accompanying editorial is an extensive gallery of his polaroids featuring models Jacquelyn Jablonski, Hannah Holman and Anna Selezneva.







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  1. I actually never saw why Carmen Kass was so great. I mean the girl can strut her stuff, but I don’t think she’s that alluring or interesting to be known as a great model. Malgosia on the other hand, is so interesting and can be such a chameleon. She is quite stunning and makes want to see more of her. Great work as always.

  2. I think the reason of Carmen greatness is her forceless fresh sensuality, she´s not a bombshell but has the sensuality of a vampireness, and always with elegance. She kept being unique ever since she started and Karlie is following her steps.

  3. I love Carmen Kass in Michael Kors. I can’t wait what her next ad would be. Be it a movie star, in a yacht with a boytoy, or biking in Capri. ….. Kors and Kass do produce stunning ads!!!

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