Wizard of Marc

Lindsey, Freja, Sophie…oh my. As Chadwick Tyler switches from photographer to director, he has chosen the ladies (and gentleman) of Marc Jacobs F/W10 to display a hidden talent behind a different kind of lens. On exclusive from Another magazine, the models are in the moment and in their Marc. We can’t get enough of our favorite pristine casting dancing across the screen – there’s no place like home. (Story by Kristen Bolt)


  1. WOW!! that video was fucking fantastic!! it felt like everyone was getting ready to go to a party that i want to be invited to

  2. To those asking what the point is, or saying it’s pointless…a quick story.

    Years ago I watched a TV commercial of someone running up a mountain. No words, no context, no point, just a guy running up a mountain and the end of the ad had nothing more than a logo. At the time, I asked a friend of mine, uhh…ok, what was that all about?

    He turned and said something that’s stuck with me ever since. “If you don’t understand the ad, you’re not part of the target audience.”

    Later, I learned that ad was for Reebok, and indeed, I wasn’t part of their target audience.

    Anyway, that video had a link at the end of it. If you went to that link, or even just made a mental note of it because you were in a good mood because you just watched several people in your industry goofing off and having a good time…well then, you’re in the target audience.

    If not, you probablly aren’t. 😉


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