Street But Sweet

Hannah Holmans one of a kind beauty shines in the pages of Russh: Benny Horne shoots Miss Holman looking tough yet streamlined, while Stevie Dance provides edgy and eclectic styling that brings out Hannah’s best. The cover tagline of “experiment with everything” is really expressed with this editorial, from the clothing choices, to the unique poses, the entire story has an unorthodox feel.






  1. At first glance, I immediately thought, “If I see one more blonde…!!” But this girl is different. She’s got a gaze as intense as Linda Evangelista’s. I like!

  2. She’s starting to grow IN you, W? Get that checked!! But I must say this editorial is great! As simple as it may be, it’s more enticing than 75% of what American Vogue does. That second shot has such a “Imma punk who listens to Rock music and I do what the hell I please” vibe to it. LOVES.

    And FedEx me a paper bag if you will but I don’t really remember ever seeing/hearing about this girl before! πŸ™ She’s def on my radar now!

  3. i think the editorial works really well, great casting, great styling, kind of classic almost but raw and cool.

  4. Hannah’s commitment to and execution of any artistic concept that she is presented with is impeccable. Watch out for this girl… she is going to become an icon.

  5. what exactly is “unique” about the poses??
    aprt from the one where she is running down the street she is just standing there ,

    The styling is unique though.

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