A Girl Named Dree

Dree Hemingway makes her way to the pages of iD, with a special feature that cements her it-girl status. The pictures by Sean Thomas are styled by none other than Dree herself and the accompanying article gives us a look at the thoughtful and introspective beauty who has become one of fashion’s most photographed faces.





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  1. So I’m guessing this is the editorial that was shot at her great grandfather’s (Earnest) house. I was expecting more, you can barely see her.

  2. not that there’s anything wrong with it but she just screams urban outfitters models that made it. i still like her a lot though.

  3. Dree’s a lovely girl, but this is so nothing. If you’re going to take her to Hemingway’s house, have it mean something, don’t just rely on empty stock “saucy”.

  4. a mix of Serena VanderWoodsen and Charlotte Gainsbourg…Genius! Love Love Love Dree! who cares about her own styling really, she’s naturaly cool, isn’t it enough?

  5. not impressive at all. nothing wrong with her, just that everything isn’t used to it’s full advantage.

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